Redi-Rail Linear Guide Overview

Redi-Rail is a great alternative to profile rail, where high speeds, precision, and moderate load applications are required. It offers strength, ease of installation, and corrosion resistance making it the perfect linear motion solution across a broad range of applications. The Redi-Rail family product is based on ball and roller bearings that ride within a linear guide rail. There are two commercial grade sizes with fixed rollers, and three sizes of a more precision grade that utilizes a patented side adjustment feature to optimize preload on the center eccentric roller. These sliders ride on hardened raceways that are embedded in a qualified aluminum rail, providing the right balance of accuracy in a stiff and lightweight design. There's also a low-profile version of the Redi-Rail with external raceways. This design was developed to fit in locations where height limitations are critical, making it an excellent option for ergonomic and small-scale applications.