Hevi-Rail Overview

Hevi-Rail heavy-duty bearing systems perform well in heavy industrial applications requiring up to 60 tons of load capacity, making them great for material handling, lift units, telescoping slides, and platform guides. Product features include load ratings up to 6.65 tons per bearing with standard rails, and OD sizes available from 53 mm to 149 mm. Raceways employ case-hardened steel, with rail profiles available from 86.5 mm up to 201.5 mm. Axial adjustments can be made between 1.5 and 4 mm depending upon the size of the bearing. Other advantages include a streamlined alignment process, and eccentric adjustable bearings that helps eliminate play within the system, and the need for complex machining for alignment. The result is smooth linear guidance as well as reduced installation time and setup costs. Its design flexibility is apparent in applications that include material handling, lifts, telescopic, and those with harsh environments.