A biometric security system was developed that is based on the human heartbeat. The wearable prototype can stream in real time an identifying signature based on the electrical activity of a person's heart. The wearable device could be made in the form of a wristband or chest strap to serve as an alternative to such things as fingerprints and eye scans when those access control methods might be limited such as in a laboratory where gloves or eye protection may be necessary. The system uses HeartKey software developed by UK-based B-Secur that enables heart rate and other wellness indicators to be streamed in real time.

The system can identify and authenticate an individual from their unique electrocardiogram signature. It recognizes the wearer's individual electrocardiogram signature and transmits a signal, allowing the user access to a specific location. The researchers’ initial tests would be to see how the wearable communicates with access control architecture and additionally, if it could effectively track a person's movement within a facility.

Such function could be useful for hospitals, airports, and other industries requiring accurate access control for domestic and international threat reduction.

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