The battery hasn’t changed much since 1748 but its technology, materials, and applications have. Today’s battery applications in automobiles, consumer electronics, medical devices, and stationary storage don’t just power our daily lives — they transform how we travel, interact, and manufacture.

The Battery Show North America — September 14 -16 in Novi, MI — is a forum for advanced battery technology for electric and hybrid vehicles, utility and renewable energy support, portable electronics, medical technology, military, and telecommunications.

A trade show exclusively dedicated to drivetrain and power systems of electric vehicles, the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo — co-located with the Battery Show — is focused on manufacturing solutions, components, battery management systems, materials, and equipment.

The Conference

The conference program combines industry and technical content focusing on real-world commercial solutions to help professionals across communities keep up with the fast-moving advanced battery and automotive industries. The eight-track conference will provide education delivered by industry experts covering new methods of advanced battery design and latest technologies, battery manufacturing development, and forecasts of the market supply chain and regulatory outlook.

Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to tune into four 3-hour pre-conference workshops on September 13 to explore topics in great depth through a detailed and interactive learning experience on core subject matters in advanced batteries and electric and hybrid vehicles.

Each conference day will kick off with a keynote address followed by a round-table panel of top industry leaders discussing the most important market disruptors of the past year and what they expect to see in the years to come. Attendees will then have the opportunity to attend more than 30 technical sessions and panels exploring an array of topics from R&D to the latest industry trends and developments, in addition to more than 30 Lightning Talks encompassing rapid-fire presentations grouped together by a specific business, innovation, finding, or manufacturing topic.

The global electric vehicle arms race is well underway and major vehicle OEMs, startups, and a growing supply chain are all placing bets on how best to serve this market.

Conference Tracks

Each session will be organized into one of the following tracks:

  • Battery Markets, Supply Chain & Regulatory Policy Outlook — Covering investment forecasts, battery safety, next-generation materials, and recycling

  • Battery Design, Application & Manufacturing — Covering thermal management, AI for battery performance, battery design, and manufacturing

  • Advanced Battery Technologies and Evolution — Covering lithium-ion batteries, solid-state batteries, and emerging architectures

  • Stationary Power Advancements — Covering power installations, energy storage, and utilities collaboration

  • E/HV Technologies Industry Development & Forecasts — Covering EV sustainability, fuel cells, and regulation timelines

  • Transportation Electrification & Emerging Applications — Covering fuel cell technology for heavy-duty vehicles, electrification of airplanes and ships, and specialized batteries

  • EV & Hybrid Design Advancements — Covering motor design and development, battery pack design, power electronics, and thermal management

  • Fast Charging & Infrastructure Advancements — Covering charging infrastructure for fleets and the entire vehicle ecosystem

Featured Sessions

EV Market Expansion and its Implications on Battery Demand

The global electric vehicle arms race is well underway and major vehicle OEMs, startups, and a growing supply chain are all placing bets on how best to serve this market — particularly, at what scale, when, and where. Forecasts for xEVs are driving unprecedented investment around the world and one important question is whether battery capacity will exceed or fall short of actual demand in the coming years. A panel includes industry experts who will share their latest forecasts on battery supply and demand, along with strategic implications for EV OEMs that are seeking to serve this rapidly expanding market.

Enhancing the Fast-Charging Capability of High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries

Research has shown that techniques such as temperature control and dynamic charging currents during fast charge can lead to improved performance and aging. Optimization of these features in a commercial battery pack will require the integration of temperature and current/voltage control into a sophisticated battery management system. This presentation will explore various emerging technologies or engineering solutions currently under investigation by the Li-ion battery industry and research community.

Detecting and Modeling Defect Structures in Battery Cells

Not every cell that is produced will be a good cell. Various defects can appear in the cell, introduced by material or process problems as the electrodes are made, as the cells are assembled and filled, and as they are put through the electrical steps during formation and aging. For R&D, early detection of defect structures means shorter time to discovery of what causes defects. For manufacturing, early detection of defect structures in the cells means that cells can be pulled out of the mainstream process flow sooner, resulting in fewer wasted resources spent on sending bad cells through the long formation and aging process steps. This presentation will explore measurement technologies that can be used for early detection of defect structures in cells.

Aviation Propulsion Battery Challenges and Solutions

Lithium-ion cells continue to be the preferred electrical energy storage solution for transportation. Growth in electrified aviation is anticipated to follow similar growth trends in the electric vehicle markets. However, lithium-ion cells face similar obstacles for integration such as cost, performance, and life in addition to a requirement from the FAA for complete containment of thermal runaway for use in aircraft and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) systems. A modular design incorporates cell technology that integrates batteries into aviation powertrain systems. Cost, performance, life, and containment characteristics of this design will be introduced to facilitate the advent of electrified aviation concepts.

The Expo

The Battery Show expo brings together more than 550 suppliers showcasing the latest solutions across the transportation, stationary, portable, and industrial sectors. More than 10,000 professionals representing leading companies in battery and electric and hybrid vehicle technology will be sourcing the latest technologies.

Activities on the expo floor will include New Product Showcases featuring new technologies from more than 25 exhibiting companies. Each exhibitor will host 15-minute live demonstrations offering a close examination of new and improved solutions for your applications.

Explore what’s new in battery and H/EV design and innovation at the Open Tech Forum. Hosted on the expo floor, you can listen to technical presentations and join panel discussions. Sessions are free and open to everyone.

For more information and to register, visit here . To view the complete conference program, visit here .