Power Supply IC

The LinkSwitch™-TNZ switching power supply IC

Power Integrations, San Jose, CA, announced LinkSwitch™-TNZ switching power supply IC that combines offline power conversion, lossless zero-cross detection, and optionally, X-capacitor discharge functions in a SO-8C package. It can be used for non-isolated buck and buck-boost power supplies up to 575 mA output current and provides up to 12 W output for universal-input isolated flyback designs.

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DC-DC Converters

The PDC 250-HSA-P59 series

ABSOPULSE Electronics, Ottawa, ON, Canada, offers the PDC 250-HSA-P59 series of fully encapsulated, convection-cooled DC-DC converters. The 250W units are entirely potted with a thermally conductive silicon rubber compound. They deliver a single regulated output of 12 Vdc, 24 Vdc, 36 Vdc, 48 Vdc, 72 Vdc, or custom. Convection cooling is achieved by installing the unit on a heatsink assembly block with fins attached to the under-surface of the chassis.

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Enclosure System

The VX SE freestanding enclosure system

Rittal North America, Schaumburg, IL, introduced the VX SE freestanding enclosure system in sizes that include a 300-mm-deep version for applications where space is limited. Features include different material options in carbon steel and stainless steel, minimal assembly, protection to IP 66/NEMA 4 or 4X, and dimensions up to 1,800 mm wide.

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Temperature Sensors

The TS+ programmable temperature sensor

Turck, Minneapolis, MN, introduced the TS+ programmable temperature sensors that measure industrial process temperature of a media. They feature a rotating display for orientation adjustment, stainless steel housing rated to IP6K9K, and direct and remote mount variations with a selection of temperature probes, thermowells, and mounting accessories.

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PCB Test System

The APT-1600FD-SL Dual Sided Flying Probe test system

Takaya Corp., Santa Clara, CA, offers the APT-1600FD-SL Dual Sided Flying Probe test system for assembled PCBAs that deploys the flying probes to both sides of a unit under test. It features a 10-flying-Z-axis design including four vertical flying probes that provide access to test points. The system is equipped with a vision test system corresponding to color images as standard on both the top and bottom sides to detect missing, wrong orientation, and positioning errors on the spot.

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The R&S RTO 6-GHz class oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz, Columbia, MD, introduced the R&S RTO 6-GHz class oscilloscope that offers six different bandwidth models from 600 MHz to 6 GHz and a sample rate of up to 20 Gsamples/s. The unit tests for time and frequency domain as well as protocol and logic analysis. A dedicated ASIC provides an acquisition rate of up to one million waveforms per second. More than 90 measurement functions are included.

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Fluoramics, Winona, MN, released LOX-8 NF oil that will not fluoresce during black light inspections in applications such as the maintenance of gas supplies and filters for laser systems. The low-viscosity inert PCTFE lubricant is made from oxygen-approved chemistries and is used on o-rings, seals, and rubber gaskets, and to prevent galling in mating surfaces.

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Gate Driver

The STDRIVEG600 half-bridge gate driver

The STDRIVEG600 half-bridge gate driver from STMicroelectronics, Geneva, Switzerland, has high current output and 45-ns propagation delay, closely matched between high-side and low-side outputs, to handle high-frequency switching of GaN enhancement-mode FETs. It is also suitable for driving N-channel silicon MOSFETs at up to 20V.

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Thickness Measurement

The non-contact thicknessGAUGE system

The non-contact thicknessGAUGE system from Micro-Epsilon, Raleigh, NC, measures the thickness of strip and plate materials. It is available with laser triangulation sensors, laser profile scanners, or confocal chromatic sensors. A linear unit with electromechanical drive, an automatic calibration unit, and a panel IPC are included.

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DC/DC Converters

QUINT DC/DC converters

QUINT DC/DC converters from Phoenix Contact, Middletown, PA, feature conformal coating for protection against dust and conductive debris, corrosive gases, and humidity. Selective Fuse Breaking Technology uses magnetically tripping circuit breakers. The converters are available in 5- and 10-Amp versions and feature push-in technology for easy installation.

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Photoelectric Sensors

Contrinex M18 photoelectric sensors

AutomationDirect, Cumming, GA, introduced Contrinex M18 photoelectric sensors with a short body for installation in tight locations. They are available in diffuse, diffuse with adjustable background suppression, retroreflective, and through-beam models and with NPN and PNP logic. With sensing distances of up to 1200 mm, connection options include a 2-meter, 4-wire PVC cable or a 4-pin M12 quick-disconnect.

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Amplifier ICs

The ART1K6x series amplifier ICs

Ampleon, Nijmegen, Netherlands, offers the ART1K6x series amplifier ICs with 1400W and 1600W ratings. They operate over a frequency range from 1 MHz to 450 MHz and can be used in 48V for Class E and 55V Class AB applications.They are supplied on a straight lead or gull wing package with dual-sided electrostatic discharge protection.

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Bandpass Filters

Skyworks Solutions, Irvine, CA, introduced L, S, and C band ceramic RF bandpass filters available in surface-mount technology designs in 200 MHz up to 8 GHz with power handling ability up to 10W continuous wave. Designs from 2 mm × 2 pole to 20 mm × 10 pole are available.

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VPX System Chassis

The AoC3U-400 Series conduction-cooled chassis

LCR Embedded Systems, Norristown, PA, released the AoC3U-400 Series conduction-cooled chassis for high-speed, high-power 3U VPX and SOSA aligned module-based systems. The 40 model features four payload slots plus one VITA 62 PSU slot; the 412 model adds dual removable SSD bays. Each unit features custom backplane, front I/O board, and applicable connector sets.

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The PCD series of high-current AC harmonic filter capacitors

Cornell Dubilier, Liberty, SC, announced the PCD series of high-current AC harmonic filter capacitors with dual built-in, failsafe protection systems — one at each end of the capacitor. They offer capacitance ratings from 20 μF to 125 μF at voltage ratings from 240 Vac to 600 Vac 50/60Hz. Standard terminations are M6x1 threaded, tin-plated brass with other types available.

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Handheld Metrology Scanner

The iScan3D™ handheld metrology-grade instrument

Automated Precision, Rockville, MD, launched the iScan3D™ handheld metrology-grade 3D scanner for portable dimensional inspection and scanning to provide measurements and point-cloud generation from a single-handed sensor. Features include blue crossed laser lines to allow scanning in any direction and integrated tactile probing for CMM-style measurement of internal and external features.

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