The Exlar® SA-R080 rotary and SA-L080 linear actuators

Exlar Automation - Actuation Division, Curtiss-Wright (Chanhassen, MN) released the Exlar® SA-R080 rotary and SA-L080 linear actuators with integral controls. The SA-L080 is capable of continuous force ratings up to 2330 lb-f (linear) and the SA-R080 is capable of torque up to 24.7l-in (rotary). Utilizing 18-32 VDC input voltage, the actuators can be applied across a range of automation applications. Features include a corrosion-resistant and sealed housing, stainless-steel output shaft, and a wide operating temperature range for use in rugged environments. They are suited for defense, industrial, and commercial applications where distributed motion control and the need to operate in harsh environments is required.

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Suspension Arms

The taraSMART modular suspension arm supports displays, HMI enclosures, and panel PCs.

ROLEC Enclosures (Bridgeville, PA) offers taraSMART modular suspension arms that support light to medium displays, HMI enclosures, and panel PCs weighing up to 100 pounds. The arm system offers rectangular or round aluminum profiles with capacity for routing HDMI, DVI, and USB cables and network plugs. Each profile shape is available in lengths of 10", 19", 29", and 39". Four couplings can be specified for pivoting, hanging, and upright installations. The couplings and system elements are diecast from aluminum silicon alloy; profiles are manufactured from silver-anodized extruded aluminum.

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Slit Couplings

RL series couplings

Slit couplings for robotic systems are available from Ruland (Marlborough, MA). The zero-backlash, lightweight couplings are manufactured with intermittent slit cuts, making them suitable for robotic system designers. The proprietary slit pattern with radiused edges reduces stresses that build up during misalignment and under torque loads. The couplings are offered in RL and RS series for a range of outer diameter and length combinations. RL series have longer lengths and RS series are designed to fit in compact spaces. Both have a balanced design allowing for speeds up to 70,000 rpm.

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Variable Frequency Drives

NORDAC FLEX SK 205E variable frequency drives can control standard asynchronous motors.

NORDAC FLEX SK 205E variable frequency drives from NORD Gear Corp. (Waunakee, WI) feature a power range of 0.33 – 30 HP for synchronous and positioning applications via integrated POSICON control.

The drives can be installed close to drives in the field or integrated onto their motors. Plug-and-play power and data cable connections are available.

The decentralized system enables short motor/encoder cables and short supply cables to sensors. They come in four sizes and can be used to control standard asynchronous motors, high-efficiency synchronous motors, and brake motors. They offer six digital and two analog interfaces, two encoder interfaces, and one integrated PLC for programming functions close to the drive.

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Digital Servo Drives

The FE100-50-CM and FE100-50-EM FlexPro ® mini digital servo drives

ADVANCED Motion Controls® (Camarillo, CA) offers FE100-50-CM and FE100-50-EM FlexPro ® mini digital servo drives capable of outputting 50 amps continuous current and 100 amps peak. They feature input voltage range of 20-90 VDC, allowing them to run in higher power applications. The FE100-50-CM supports CANopen communications; the FE100-50-EM offers EtherCAT. Other features include torque, velocity, and position operating modes; configuration and full loop tuning; and Safe Torque Off.

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Gear Meters

The Next-Generation Gear Meter Series

AW-Lake Process Flow Measurement (Oak Creek, WI) introduced the Next-Generation Gear Meter Series that offers high chemical resistance to operate in abrasive or filled fluids, +0.1% repeatability, and +0.5% standard accuracy. The positive displacement gear meters work in bi-directional flow applications and are unaffected by changing viscosities. Features include multiple output options including pulse, analog, or Modbus to deliver data in required formats for PLCs, PCs, and remote displays.

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Positioning Stages

The XZ110 stage

Optimal Engineering Systems (Van Nuys, CA) offers XZ110 motorized dual-axis XZ positioning stages available with X axis and Z axis travel lengths of 15 mm (0.590 in), 30 mm (1.181 in), 50 mm (1.968 in), and 75 mm (2.952 in). Precision ground lead screws with 2 microns of backlash and cross-roller linear travel guides enable repeatability of 3 microns and positional accuracy of 10 microns. Open loop resolution of each stepper motor-driven axis is 0.5 microns using a 10 microsteps-per-step stepper motor driver. Each of the tables has a precision pattern of 16 threaded mounting holes for the addition of custom tooling. The base has drilled and countersunk holes for integration into new and existing applications.

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Haptic Feedback Actuator

The IHPT-1411AF-AB0 actuator

The IHPT-1411AF-AB0 customizable haptic feedback actuator from Vishay Intertechnology (Malvern, PA) is designed for touchscreens, joysticks, and touch switch panels in commercial applications. The electromagnetic device converts electrical energy into a mechanical pulse or vibration for touch-based interaction that can be varied by power amplitude and duty cycle of the input voltage. The haptic coil assembly, when energized by a DC voltage pulse, creates a magnetic field that attracts the mounted dynamic core piece. When de-energized, the core piece is returned to its original position by the customer-supplied spring assembly. The device features response time of <5 ms that can be varied to produce multiple high-definition (HD) haptic effects with a nominal operating voltage of 12 V and a maximum voltage rating to 16 V.

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Servo Motion Control

The PACMotion servo motion control portfolio

Emerson (Charlottesville, VA) announced the PACMotion servo motion control portfolio to provide an integrated automation solution for high-performance industrial applications. The portfolio includes a motion controller for high-speed performance with synchronized motion for up to 40 coordinated axes, servo motors, servo drives, and motion configuration software. The products enable precise, jerk-free positioning, preventing material slippage. On-the-fly electronic reconfiguration allows users to implement changeovers without stopping production.

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Pneumatic Connection System

The MIXO modular pneumatic connection system

Mencom Corp. (Oakwood, GA) offers the MIXO modular pneumatic connection system that uses a self-extinguishing thermoplastic insert and metal contacts. The system allows frequent mating cycles for compressed air distribution systems and increased airflow for transmitting dry and compressed air in pneumatic systems. The metal pneumatic contacts can permanently withstand constant pressure of 10 bar and are available in straight and angled versions for plastic tubing of 3, 4, and 6 mm inner and outer diameter. In a single module, two different pneumatic fitting methods can be installed: quick push-in fitting for OD tubing (straight and angled versions) and hose barbs fitting for ID tubing (straight version only).

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Level Switches

The ProSense PLS series of switches

ProSense PLS series rotary paddle level switches from AutomationDirect (Cumming, GA) use a shaft and paddle that are in constant rotation driven by a reduction gear and synchronous motor. Level is detected when the paddle’s motion is interfered with by the material being measured. They are used with dry, granular bulk solids and are suited for detecting full, empty, refill, or point level measurement. The switches are available in three shaft lengths plus a rope version that can be shortened in the field based on the application.

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Enclosed Drive System

The SINAMICS G120XE enclosed drive system

Siemens (Nuremberg, Germany) announced the SINAMICS G120XE enclosed drive system for industrial pump, fan, and compressor applications. A NEMA 1 enclosure is standard with a NEMA 12 version optional, featuring appropriate ventilation and air filters. The base enclosure is suitable for wall-mounting to 75 hp applications, while the free-standing floor module accommodates uses to 200 hp. Standard electrical features include a UL508A listing, SCCR rating to 65kA, circuit breaker disconnect with flange-mounted operator handle and mechanical door interlock, and control power transformer for internal power control and power module with PWM IGBT inverter. Ventilation fans are controlled via a relay and run only as needed.

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Rotary Encoders

The IXARC programmable encoders

POSITAL (Hamilton, NJ) introduced IXARC programmable encoders that enable resolution, communications interfaces, and measurement ranges to be set up through firmware updates with no need for mechanical changes. In the case of absolute encoders with analog interfaces, current or voltage outputs can be scaled so that a predetermined range of mechanical motion (anything from a fraction of a turn to several hundred rotations) can be set to span the full electrical output range. Optional accessories include measurement wheels and draw-wire mechanisms.

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A GCL cycloidal gearbox

GAM (Mount Prospect, IL) released GCL cycloidal gearboxes for horizontal and vertical robotic and motion control applications. They are designed to withstand the frequent start-stop impact loads of industrial robots and other motion control applications and are available in a range of sizes with ratios from 36:1 to 192:1. Output options include component boxes with a solid flanged output or a hollow shaft flanged output. The solid flanged output gearbox is available with a cover and motor mount. Features include multi-tooth meshing for torsional rigidity, flange output in seven sizes with nominal output torque of 167 to 4410 Nm, and integrated motor adapter plate for motor mounting.

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The Model 7298A accelerometer

Endevco (Depew, NY) announced the Model 7298A triaxial variable capacitance accelerometer for measurement of low-frequency accelerations. It is available in 2, 5, 10, 30, 50, 100, and 200 g full scale ranges. Each axis of the triaxial accelerometer utilizes a patented variable capacitance MEMS sensing element. Gas damping and internal over-range stops enable the MEMS sensing element to withstand high shock and acceleration loads. The triaxial sensor arrangement is housed in a hermetic screw-mount package featuring an integral hermetic receptacle.

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Industrial Robot

The Meca500 six-axis robot

Mecademic (Montreal, QE, Canada) offers the Meca500 six-axis robot that can handle payloads up to 500 g with accuracy of 0.005 mm (5 μm). The plug-and-work automation component integrates with any PC or PLC and features an integrated controller in its base. The robot is a slave component rather than a master, enabling it to integrate via any computer or PLC. Commands are ASCII NULL terminated strings sent through TCP/IP. All major programming languages (C, C++, Python, LabView, etc.) that can handle TCP/IP socket programming can be used. Other features include 260-mm reach that is 330 mm when fully extended, 0.5-kg rated payload, embedded controller with EtherCAT fieldbus, and an intelligent power supply with ESTOP and protective stop.

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Crossed Roller Bearing

The CRBT105A crossed roller bearing

IKO International (Parsippany, NJ) introduced the CRBT105A crossed roller bearing for space-constrained automated machine designs. It features a 10-millimeter bore diameter, 21-millimeter outside diameter, and width of 5 millimeters. With rollers alternately crossed at right angles to each other between inner and outer rings, the bearing can handle heavy or complex loads from any direction simultaneously. Other features are separators between cylindrical rollers for smooth rotation and dynamic load rating of 1,120N and static load rating of 811N.

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Vacuum Pump Device

The LV-125A Linicon standalone vacuum pump

Nitto Kohki, USA (Roselle, IL) introduced the LV-125A Linicon standalone vacuum pump device for a range of pick-and-place applications, particularly when house air is not available. The pump is compact, lightweight, and features an oil-less design for cleanroom assembly operations. It features a noise profile of <40 dB and may be purchased with a vacuum pen, needles, tubing, and a pen stand for uses including transferring spherical objects, transferring uneven parts, moving tiny parts, and assembling precision parts.

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Blue Laser Tool Measurement

The NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setter

Renishaw (West Dundee, IL) offers the NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setter available in four sizes with operating gaps ranging from 55 mm to 240 mm. Measurement repeatability is ±0.5 micron on smaller separations. Featuring blue laser technology, the system enables measurement of very small tools while minimizing tool-to-tool measurement errors. The system uses MicroHole technology to protect the optics from contamination by delivering a continuous stream of compressed air. PassiveSeal automatically shields the optics from contamination in the event of air supply failure.

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Disc Couplings

The TND Series steel disc couplings

RINGFEDER Power Transmission USA (Westwood, NJ) announced TND Series steel disc couplings with backlash-free torque transmission in machines that involve synchronous operation, frequent starts and stops, or reversing operations. Two coupling types are available: High Deflection, which offers shaft misalignment compensation, and High Torque, which incorporates a higher power density. Other features include bore diameters from 25 to 215 millimeters, nominal torques up to 130,000 Newton-meters, mountable via keyways (DIN 6885-1) or shrink discs, and compensation for axial, angular, and radial shaft misalignment.

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Force/Torque Sensor

The Mini43LP Force/Torque Sensor

The Mini43LP Force/Torque Sensor from ATI Industrial Automation (Apex, NC) provides force sensing in a rugged transducer. At less than 8 mm tall, the sensor is suited for smaller automated applications. The sensor features a bolt-down mounting pattern to minimize stack height, an angled cable exit to eliminate interference with adjacent equipment, and a large through-hole for simplified utility management. The sensor integrates with miniature robot models from Mecademic, Yaskawa, and others.

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Servo Motor

The ServoStep directly mountable motor

JVL A/S (Birkerød, Denmark) offers the ServoStep directly mountable motor for driving spindles. It includes the motor, encoder, drive electronics, control electronics with ePLC, and optional Ethernet or CAN bus integrated into one unit. All major industrial Ethernet protocols such as Profinet, EtherNet/ IP, EtherCAT, SERCOS, ModbusTCP/UDP, and Powerlink are available. Features include double ball bearings, closed-loop control, and resolution of 409,600 step/rev.

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Motion Controller

The LC8 load cell module

Delta Computer Systems (Battle Ground, WA) announced the LC8 load cell module for the RMC200 motion controller, which provides motion control for up to 50 axes of synchronized position, velocity, and pressure/force control of hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic actuators. The load cell module connects directly to eight load cells without the need for external signal conditioners. The module provides eight load cell inputs, divided between two detachable terminal blocks. The maximum sensitivity is 5 mV/V in full Wheatstone bridge configurations and quarter- and half-bridge configurations are supported with a user-supplied bridge completion circuit. Both four- and six-wire load cells are supported and each of the eight inputs includes a sense input for wire voltage drop compensation.

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