27th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards

Each month, our editors choose a Product of the Month that has exceptional technical merit and practical value for our design engineering readers. Those 12 products are the nominees for the 2021 Tech Briefs Readers’ Choice Product of the Year.

You’re invited to cast your vote for the one product among the 12 listed here that you feel was the most important new product introduced to the engineering community in 2021.

The Readers’ Choice Product of the Year winners will be announced in Tech Briefs and on TechBriefs.com.

Find out more about the 12 nominated products and cast your vote here.

Only one vote per person will be counted. All votes must be submitted by January 21, 2022.

The 2021 Nominees Are:

Abaco Systems GVC1001 Computer

Abaco Systems (Huntsville, AL) introduced the GVC1001 graphics, vision, artificial intelligence, sensing, and image processing computer that uses the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™ System on Module . The computer features dual 10-GigE ports for gigabit Ethernet camera or other sensor inputs as well as dual 1-GigE ports for additional gigabit Ethernet cameras, control plane functionality, or other sensors. The computer provides 11 TFLOPS (HP16) and 32 TOPS (int8) performance and comes with I/O for graphics, vision, AI, and image processing applications.

The UPSI-2406DP1 power supply

Bicker Elektronik (Donauwoerth, Germany) released the UPSI-2406DP1 24-VDC emergency power supply  with integrated lithium-ion backup battery that bridges power failures, brownouts, and flicker.

DC loads of up to 100 Watts can be safely bridged.

The system is suited for continuous operation in switch cabinets and decentralized solutions for Industry 4.0, automation, robotics, image processing, medical, transportation, process and safety technology, and energy applications.

Concepts NREC Agile Engineering Design System Software

Concepts NREC (White River Junction, VT) released the Agile Engineering Design System® , an integrated suite of software modules for CAE/CAM of turbomachinery. New CAM capabilities are the introduction of new toolpaths for roughing gas turbine components, improvements for machining inducers and other components, and an optional module for machine simulation. Design and modeling capabilities are provided in a single user-friendly interface that runs natively on Linux and Windows, allowing seamless transfers of data between modules.

The Model DI-4730

DATAQ® Instruments (Akron, OH) announced the Model DI-4730  high-voltage isolated data acquisition system that features up to 16-bit A/D resolution, standalone data logging capability, and a channel expansion option that allows daisy-chaining. Multi-unit synchronization allows for throughput sample rates to 480 kHz. The system has eight analog inputs with programmable measurement ranges from ±10 mV to ±1000 V full scale and input-to-output/channel-to-channel isolation of ±1000V.

Modules from Dinkle International

Dinkle International (Missouri City, TX) announced a line of universal interface modules  for connecting equipment signals to I/O modules.

The signals may be discrete (on/off at anywhere from 5 VDC up to 120 VAC), analog (usually 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC), or other specialized signaling levels.

The modules and associated cables are available with industry-standard connectors such as IDC, D-Sub, MDR, and terminal blocks. A single wiring harness routes from the I/O module to the interface module.

The iTEMP transmitter

Endress+Hauser (Greenwood, IN) launched iTEMP TMT142B smart temperature transmitter  that delivers measurements, wireless communication via Bluetooth, and user-friendly operation, all packaged in a single-chamber field housing.

The transmitter features a secure integrated Bluetooth interface that enables users to wirelessly visualize measured values. The device can be operated using a phone or tablet. The single-channel device transmits converted signals from resistance sensors, thermocouples, resistances, and voltage transmitters.

Exact Metrology PolyScan XL Surround 3D Scanners

Exact Metrology (Cincinnati, OH) introduced the PolyScan XL Surround 3D scanners  that are motionless by design during the inspection. Their calibration avoids the need for data alignment or sticker targets and multiple baselines increase accuracy when measuring points. The PolyScan XL6 measures parts up to 1,600 mm, combining 12 cameras and 12 projectors to provide 210 effective scanning units. PolyScan XL8 measures parts up to 2,000 mm, combining 16 cameras and 16 projectors to provide 376 effective scanning units.

Holo Industries Holographic Touch Holographic Machine Control

Holo Industries LLC (Cottage Grove, OR) offers Holographic Touch ™ large-format, contactless holographic systems for machine, factory, and other rugged industrial applications. The systems comprise holographic plates, sensors, and proprietary software and hardware that allow users to touch, pinch, scroll, or spin any image in midair. The user interface provides zero latency with 50-millisecond response time, even when the operator is wearing gloves.

Infinite Material Solutions Caverna PP 3D Printing Filament

Infinite Material Solutions (Prescott, WI) launched Caverna™ PP, an extrudable thermoplastic 3D printing filament  that allows users to create lightweight foam parts resembling a sponge.

Specifically designed for use in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) systems, the material’s co-continuous distribution of tiny pores (1 to 4 µ) could allow for consistent airflow, eliminating the need to drill holes and maximizing material distribution.

The material blends a soluble material to be removed through dissolution and an insoluble build material to remain.

Pickering Interfaces Model 41-765 PXI Simulator Modules

Pickering Interfaces (Chelmsford, MA) launched the model 41-765 analog output/current loop simulator modules  for simulating industrial control transceivers utilizing 4–20 mA current loops. The PXI modules enable slew rates to be programmed so that different sensors can be effectively mimicked. The modules include built-in relays for shorts and opens functionality, enabling fault insertion testing on every channel. Delivering from 4 to 16 channels in one PXI slot, the modules can self-power using the PXI chassis supply or can be powered externally in full isolation mode.

Sensirion SHT40 Smart Gadget Circuit Board

Sensirion (Staefa, Switzerland) offers theSHT40 Smart Gadget , a reference design circuit board that comes with a SHT40 humidity and temperature sensor and measures ambient humidity, temperature, and dew point in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The gadget consists of a main PCB equipped with the sensor, LCD display, pushbutton, and BLE module. It provides a complete sensor system on a single chip, with a fully calibrated, digital I2C fast-mode plus interface.

Stratasys Origin® One, H350, and F770 3D Printers

Stratasys (Eden Prairie, MN) introduced three 3D printers for additive manufacturing of end-use parts. The Stratasys Origin® One 3D printer  uses proprietary P3™ technology and a software-first architecture to produce parts at volume. The Stratasys H350™ 3D printer, powered by SAF™ technology, delivers production-level throughput for end-use parts. It can produce thousands of parts such as connectors and electronics housings. The Stratasys F770™ 3D printer for large parts uses FDM technology.