Athermalized Reflective Beam Collimator

A new beam collimator from Optical Surfaces.

Optical Surfaces Ltd. (Surrey, UK) has produced a novel athermalized beam collimator design that delivers stable high performance across a wide temperature range. The athermalized beam collimators are based on a uniquely modified off-axis mirror design incorporating INVAR elements and a novel mechanical feature which, when combined, allows direct 100% thermal compensation. In contrast to expensive dynamic options, this is achieved passively and adaptively responding in real time while thermal variations take place. As a result, high optical performance is maintained over a wide range of temperatures (+5°C to +35°C). The unique zero expansion off-axis parabolic mirror is manufactured to better than lambda/10 p-v surface accuracy.

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Optical-to-Electrical Converter

The J736 converter

Highland Technology (San Francisco, CA) has introduced the model J736, a tiny 2" × 3" high-voltage optical-to-electrical converter. DC-coupled, it converts fiberoptic input to an adjustable-voltage digital output.

The J736 includes controls and test points for adjusting optical threshold and output voltage. An analog optical-power monitor output is provided, ideal for connecting to an oscilloscope when setting o/e conversion threshold and performing system link diagnostics. Optical threshold is adjustable from 0.2 mW to 2 mW, and output voltage is adjustable from 0.8 to 20 volts peak.

Output signals are very clean over the full amplitude range, with rise and fall times typically 1 nanosecond and jitter below 10 picoseconds RMS.

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Fiber Laser Machine

A fiber laser machine from Cincinnati Inc.

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) (Harrison, OH) debuted the CLX, a new fiber laser machine that was built from the ground up. The result is an automation-ready, 3m × 1.5m and 4m × 2m dual pallet machine, complete with dual 22-inch touchscreen monitors and four interior cameras with different aspect ratios. CI partners also chipped in with different features. nLight produced the CLX light source, a 15 kW Corona laser. The company added predictive technology as well, allowing users to easily maintain rather than repair. Beckhoff, experts in automation technology, added IoT integration, remote communication with the CLX and useful software help tools. And Laser Mechanisms’ software package lets operators track what’s going on with the head in real time.

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LiDAR System for Small Drones

High-res, three-dimensional point clouds created by the RTL-450

RedTail LiDAR Systems (Fairmont, WV) a company that specializes in microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS) mirror-based LiDAR technology, recently unveiled the RTL-450 LiDAR sensor. The RTL-450 incorporates a lightweight MEMS mirror and a precision navigation system to generate accurate data for the most demanding of aerial surveying missions. The high-resolution, three-dimensional point clouds created by the RTL-450 give operators the ability to conduct advanced analytics of geographic and manmade features on the earth’s surface. The RTL-450’s high-resolution point clouds – generated at a rate of up to 400,000 pulses per second and 5 returns per pulse – are well-suited to numerous military, first-responder and commercial applications, including mission planning, battle damage assessment, force protection, emergency response, remote surveillance, construction and resource management, and infrastructure development.

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Optical Polishing Pitch

Meller’s Gugolz Optical Polishing Pitch

A full line of optical polishing pitch that is made from wood resin to prevent contamination and is ready to use without screening, filtering, or mixing additives is available from Meller Optics, Inc. (Providence, RI).

Meller’s Gugolz Optical Polishing Pitch comes in five grades from very-soft to very-hard, with melting points from 52ºC to 87ºC, and is ready to use by just slicing, melting, and pouring the lap.

Suitable for applications with with CaF2, germanium, quartz, ZnSe, ZnS, silicon, and other optical materials, Meller’s Gugolz Optical Polishing Pitch can be used for blocking, lapping, and polishing.

Users can precisely match their own substrate finishing requirements by mixing any of the five totally compatible-grades.

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Acrylic Polarizers for Machine Vision Systems

The polarizer from MidOpt

MidOpt® (Midwest Optical Systems) (Palatine, IL) has introduced the first acrylic polarizer, a new design that’s thicker and more rugged than the current polarizer film on the market, and more affordable than glass polarizers.

It offers superior glare reduction and because of the acrylic base, it also serves as a protective window and can be enhanced with a variety of coatings, including oleophobic, anti-reflection, and hard coat.

The MidOpt Acrylic Polarizer can be placed over the light source, lens, or camera; is available in linear and wire-grid styles; and can be custom-sized in thicknesses from 1-3mm.

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FPGA-Driven Smart Cameras

The EoSens Creation camera

Mikrotron (Poway, CA) has released its new EoSens Creation Series of FPGA programmable-ready smart cameras. Designed for multi-camera industrial automation systems, the EoSens Creation Series enables the embedding of custom IP into a Mikrotron 2-megapixel 10 GigE GenICam compliant camera that has the power to externally stream 10-bit pixel resolution images at 535 frames-per-second (fps) or internally stream 8-bit images at 2240 fps. EoSens Creation cameras also offer sensitivity of 20V/Lux @ 550nm to achieve high-contrast, detailed images in low light environments. Mikrotron EoSens Creation Series cameras feature a XiLINX Kintex Ultrascale FPGA plus an additional on-board 2 GB DDRD of memory for edge functions such as defect pixel correction, gamma correction, dynamic range correction, and noise reduction.

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Spectral Light and Flicker Meter

The BTS256-EF meter

The BTS256-EF spectral light and flicker meter from Gigahertz-Optik (Amesbury, MA) measures the specific metrics required by the regulation, PstLM and SVM. The metric used for flicker in the Ecodesign regulation is the parameter ‘PstLM’, short-term flicker severity, where a value of PstLM = 1 means that the average observer has a 50% probability of detecting flicker. The metric used for stroboscopic effect in this regulation is ‘SVM’, stroboscopic visibility measure, where SVM = 1 represents the visibility threshold for an average observer. The limits in this new EU directive are currently discussed to be PstLM 1.0 and SVM < 0.4 although there is lobbying from the lighting industry to relax the SVM limit to < 1.6.

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Fiber Optic Processing Systems

The LAZERMaster® Fiber Optic Glass Processing station

AFL (Spartanburg, SC) introduced a new series of LAZERMaster® Fiber Optic Glass Processing stations— the LZM-125M/P; LZM-125M+/P+; and LZM-125A+. The LZM-125 series consists of splicing glass processing systems and fiber ablation machines that use a CO2 laser heat source to perform splicing, tapering, lensing, ablation (for cleaving and mode stripping) and other glass shaping operations with glass diameters up to 2.0 mm.

The high-resolution optical analysis system works in conjunction with on-board firmware for fully automatic splicing, tapering and other glass shaping processes.

The FPS PC control GUI is supplied with all LZM products and provides additional features, greater flexibility and finer control. The FPS GUI allows customers to also create proprietary PC control algorithms using a complete set of PC control commands.

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Optical BGA Inspection Probe

The BGA-007 probe

INSPECTIS’ (Solna, Sweden) BGA-007 optical inspection probe can ‘see’ into the tiniest spaces under BGA components with its new BGA-007 SMALL Probe, now equipped with a 27% smaller footprint than the Standard BGA-006 unit. The unique side-view BGA Inspection system features the tiniest and most robust optical probe available with built-in high-power lighting and a crisp, sharp high-resolution 90-degree viewing angle. The BGA-007 probe offers a footprint that is 6.0 mm long by only 0.8 mm deep, with a height of 1.5 mm, but the system produces high-resolution images of the extremely low-clearance areas beneath BGAs, μBGAs, CSP, CGA and FlipChip packages with as low as 40 microns standoff.

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The new 650V H2 power GaN FET

Nexperia (Nijmegen, Netherlands) announced volume availability of its second-generation 650V power GaN FET device family.

With RDS(on) performance down to 35 mΩ (typical), the new power GaN FETs target single phase AC/DC and DC/DC industrial switched mode power supplies (SMPS), ranging from 2 kW to 10 kW, as well as solar inverters and servo drives in the same power range.

Available in TO-247 packaging, the new 650V H2 power GaN FETs deliver a 36% shrinkage in die size for a given RDS(on) value, for better stability and efficiency.

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