Microwave Measurement Receivers

Rohde & Schwarz USA, Columbia, MD, offers R&S FSMR3000 microwave measurement receivers to calibrate signal generators and attenuators. Features include tuned RF level measurements, level measurements, analog modulation, and spectrum analysis. The 8-GHz, 26.5-GHz, and 50-GHz instruments have a level measurement range of -152 to +30 dBm.

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Humidity and Temperature Sensor

A new temperature sensor from Sensirion

Sensirion, Stäfa, Switzerland, introduced SHT41 and SHT45 humidity and temperature sensors. They feature tape and reel packaging, suitability for standard SMD assembly processes, and CMOSens chip technology provides a complete sensor system on a single chip. They cover operating ranges from 0 to 100 percent RH, from -40 °C to +125 °C, and supply voltage from 1.08 V to 3.6 V and 400 nA current.

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Liquid Analysis

New sensors from Endress+Hauser analyze liquid.

Memosens 2.0 digital technology from Endress+Hauser, Greenwood, IN, provides liquid analysis by converting the measured value to a digital signal and transferring it inductively to the transmitter. The sensors store numerous relevant data points such as operating hours, minimum and maximum temperatures, measured values, calibration histories, and load matrices.

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Ethernet IO Module

The TCW241 module.

Teracom, Ruse, Bulgaria, offers the TCW241 Ethernet IO module for monitoring and control applications. Supporting Modbus TCP/IP connectivity, the device has four digital inputs, four analog inputs, and four relays. A 1-Wire interface supports up to eight 1-Wire sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and AC or DC current.

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PCIe Cards

Spectrum Instrumentation Corp. introduced new M2p PCIe cards.

Spectrum Instrumentation Corp., Hackensack, NJ, introduced M2p PCIe cards for signal acquisition and waveform generation in the speed range of up to 125 MSamples per second. The cards are half-length PCIe cards that can be inserted into desktop PCs. The family consists of 24 digitizers for analog signal acquisition, 14 AWGs for analog signal generation, and a digital I/O card that can acquire or generate high-speed digital signals.

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The SDS6000A oscilloscope

The SDS6000A series of oscilloscopes from SIGLENT Technologies, Solon, OH, is available with a maximum bandwidth of 2 GHz. They are available in 500 MHz, 1 GHz, and 2 GHz bandwidths and feature acquisition memory with a maximum size of 500 Mpts distributed over 1, 2, or 4 channels. They can be expanded to 16 digital channels and an external function generator.

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Longwave Infrared Camera

The Tau 2+ longwave infrared camera

Teledyne FLIR, Goleta, CA, announced the Tau 2+ longwave infrared camera with mechanical, electrical, and optical interfaces. Features include a noise equivalent differential temperature of less than 25 milliKelvin, an image processing algorithm, and a variety of lens options. Connectors include USB, CMOS, Camera Link, or Ethernet.

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RF Inductors

The 28MG inductor

Gowanda ElectCAMtronics, Gowanda, NY, introduced the 28MG nonmagnetic RF thru-hole inductor series for use in applications where magnetic materials must be avoided. Inductance ranges from 1.2 μH to 18 μH, DCR ohms from 0.079 to 4.15, and current rating mA DC from 15 to 2400. Operating temperature range is -55 °C to +125 °C.

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RF Module

The SKY68031-11 module

Skyworks Solutions, Irvine, CA, offers the SKY68031-11 multi-band RF front-end module for licensed, low-power, wide-area network applications including smart metering and industrial monitoring. It integrates the RF front end necessary for a cellular IoT radio operating in low-band and mid-band frequencies. The module monolithically integrates a broadband power amplifier, transmit harmonic filters, antenna switch, and MIPI controller.

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Snap-In Connectors

New circular connectors from binder USA

binder USA, Camarillo, CA, offers 5- and 6-pin versions of M8 snap-in circular connectors for signal transmission applications with space constraints. The snap-in locking mechanism does not use rotating elements; latching is confirmed with an audible click. They feature rated voltage from 30 to 60 V and gold-plated brass and bronze contacts.

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Display Module

The P1330FHF1MA00 display module

The Tianma P-series P1330FHF1MA00 13.3" TFT display module from Review Display Systems, Milwaukee, WI, features full HD resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and in-plane switching that enables a wide viewing angle of 88 degrees in all viewing directions. Other features include a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a white LED backlight with integrated driver. The 40-pin LVDS data interface supports 8-bit RGB, which enables a color palette of up to 16.7M colors.

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CNC Machine Simulation

VERICUT 9.2 CNC machine simulation software

CGTech, Irvine, CA, released VERICUT 9.2 CNC machine simulation software to detect incorrect tool path motions and collisions in traditional and additive machines. It provides support for “intelligent” cutting tools with cutting performance information and tool reporting. Users can create realistic digital machines and add other moving components such as rotary tables, articulating heads, and fixtures with moving clamps.

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10-Gigabit Ethernet XMC Module

The XMC633 module,

Acromag, Wixom, MI, has a new XMC633 module, which offers two independent 10-gigabit Ethernet interface ports with 10GBASE-KX4 protocol. The XMC mezzanine card mounts on VME, VPX, PCIe, and other embedded computing carrier boards. An Intel® XL710 Ethernet Controller provides high-performance network connectivity with advanced off-load and virtualization capabilities. The rear I/O model XMC633 routes two KX4 interfaces to the P16 connector and is compatible with conduction-cooling frames.

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Cut-to-Length T-slotted Rails

Automation Direct, Cumming, GA, has added SureFrame cut-to-length T-slotted extruded aluminum rails. Slotted aluminum rail structures are lightweight, economical, and easy to construct. The many uses include everything from stands that hold barcode scanners and label applicators to OEM machines made entirely of T-slotted aluminum rail. They are available in the most popular profiles and dimensions.

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Automated Thread Checking Solution

Automated thread checking from SMAC Moving Coil Actuators

SMAC Moving Coil Actuators, Carlsbad, CA, offers an automated thread checking solution that enables 100 percent detailed inspection and verification of all parts, identifies tool wear, and allows SPC data acquisition for process control and quality systems. It eliminates the need for repetitive manual inspection to verify that thread pitch and depth are within print specifications on virtually all manufactured components/products.

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