Researchers have developed an innovative display that shows information through clothes and other fabrics. The new technology, called PocketView, uses LED lights to display basic information. It can function as a standalone piece of technology or could be incorporated into existing or next-generation smart devices.

The team created prototypes that mimic smartphones, pens, key fobs, and other shapes and sizes. The idea is not to show all the information that one would normally see on a smartphone display. Rather, these are displays that show minimal information.

Because the display devices can take various shapes and sizes, they have the versatility to be worn and used in any piece of clothing that has a pocket. Another key point of the new display technology is that it is relatively inexpensive and could easily and quickly be rolled out on a large scale. The prototypes are also Bluetooth-enabled, meaning that they sync with existing devices.

Although currently working with standalone prototypes, the researchers believe the next generation of these LED displays could easily be incorporated into existing devices. And whereas other research in wearable displays focuses on creating new high-tech fabrics, the utility of PocketView means that it works with clothes people already have.

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