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White Paper: Electronics & Computers

Dispensable Thermal Interface Materials: An Overview


Thermal interface materials (TIM) are typically placed between two components in an electronic system to enhance their thermal behavior, such as heat flow between an integrated circuit and a heat sink. Proper thermal management minimizes any thermal fluctuations at these interfaces, which in turn reduces structural damage from overheating, leading to reliable, long-term performance of the electronic device over time. In recent years, dispensable thermal interface materials have become popular for heat-management applications in the modern manufacturing and assembly of electronic devices. TIM materials are dispensed under slight pressure and hold their shape in the end-use environment. TIMs are typically dispensed onto an electronic component from a package—for example, thermal grease is packaged in a syringe, which makes application easy. When properly selected and integrated, TIMs can result in long-lasting, high-performance products that meet or exceed customer expectations. This white paper highlights factors that must be considered when selecting the best TIMs and packaging and dispensement systems.

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