Industrial Edge Hardware and Software


Emerson, Charlottesville, VA, has released the PACEdge™ industrial edge platform to help manufacturers accelerate digital transformation projects by enabling users to quickly create and scale up applications. It brings together today’s leading, open-source tools into a flexible, integrated, and secure platform for utilizing machine data and analytics. Emerson is also introducing the PACSystems™ RXi2-BP edge computer, a small form-factor industrial PC.

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Vertically Suspended Sump Pump

VM vertically suspended lineshaft sump pump

Sulzer, Winterthur, Switzerland, launches an upgrade of the VM vertically suspended lineshaft sump pump. It has been designed for pumping all kinds of clean and contaminated liquids and slurry. Its wide range of designs and hydraulics makes the VM pump very adaptable and perfectly suited to all industrial sump pump applications. The upgrade provides a rigid and reliable vertically suspended lineshaft sump pump.

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Plating Compound for RF Antennas


Sabic, Houston, TX, has introduced LNP THERMOCOMP OFC08V compound, a material well suited for 5G base station dipole antennas and other electrical/electronic applications. It can help develop lightweight, cost-effective, all-plastic antenna designs that facilitate deployment of 5G infrastructure. A glass fiber-reinforced material based on polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) resin, it can enable an injection moldable new dipole antenna design.

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Industrial Gear Units


The MAXXDRIVE® and MAXX-DRIVE XT industrial gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, Hamburg Germany, are suited for heavy duty applications. They offer highly configurable, complete solutions that are tailored to application needs with 11 case size options, a wide range of components and add-ons, and the ability to be configured with two, three, or four gear stages.

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Telecentric Lenses for Laser Processing

LINOS® F-Theta Ronar 251 mm Telecentric Lenses

Excelitas Technologies, Waltham, MA, is bringing to market the LINOS® F-Theta Ronar 251 mm Telecentric Lenses for laser material processing applications including drilling, welding, cutting, structuring, and additive manufacturing. Optimized for back reflection with an entrance aperture up to 20 mm, the lenses for 1030 nm – 1080 nm feature a large effective focal length with low spot variation. They are suited for pulsed and high-power applications up to 10 kW.

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Flasher In-Circuit Programmers

Flasher in-circuit programmers

SEGGER, Monheim am Rhein, Germany, in cooperation with Renesas, has further expanded the features offered by SEGGER’s professional line of Flasher in-circuit programmers. In addition to the high-speed programming of Renesas RA4 and RA6 microcontrollers with Arm Cortex-M33 cores, SEGGER has now added Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) and Trustzone partitioning during mass production. SEG-GER’s solution can be seamlessly integrated into a standard production workflow — no third-party tools are required.

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Linear Motion Rolling Guide

LWLF2 linear motion rolling guide

The LWLF2 linear motion rolling guide from IKO, Tokyo, Japan, addresses the demand for device miniaturization with a compact, lightweight design that makes mounting easy in tight spaces. It features the same ultra-small 2.5-millimeter height dimension as its predecessor, the LWL1. Designed with tapped rails for bottom mounting and stability, it is structured with two rows of balls that contact with the raceway at four points.

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Precision Linear Power Supplies

Polytron Devices

Polytron Devices, Dover, NJ, well-known for low-noise linear power supplies, can satisfy a wide range of custom needs such as: providing multiple output voltages in a single model; adding programmability or ON-OFF switches; and adding a variety of types such as open frame, desktop, wall plug-in models, enclosed units for harsh environments, and power capability from 30 to 450 watts, maximum.

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50 Watt AC/DC Power Supplies

TPI 50A-J series

TRACO POWER, San Jose, CA, announces their new TPI 50A-J series of 50W high-density AC/DC power supplies available in 3.00 x 1.50 x 1.20" open frame packages for a wide range of industrial and ITE applications where reliability is critical and space is limited. It is designed to meet the need for cost-efficient solutions and reduced footprints. The 140 percent peak power enables replacement of units nearly twice its size.

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PCB 3D Design Solution

Pulsonix version 12.0

Pulsonix, Tewkesbury, UK, has announced the release of Pulsonix version 12.0, which adds new capabilities and significant speed improvements. It now includes 3D collision detection for both multi-board designs and board folding. This allows designers to visualize boards in a stacked or folded configuration and to verify boards and components fit together in the intended space. Automated clash detection will flag any space violations.

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Quad-Output Crystal Oscillators

QT625xL/xN Multiple Output series

The QT625xL/xN Multiple Output series of space-qualified crystal oscillators from Q-Tech, Cypress, CA, provides up to four identical CMOS outputs designed to simultaneously drive multiple FPGAs. Designers now have the option of LVDS logic outputs (with lower power consumption) or CMOS logic outputs (with either 2.5 or 3.3 Vdc supply voltage and improved phase noise). Operating temperature range is -55 to 125 °C.

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Digital Potentiometer

New additions to its extensive line of Standard ICs

Omni Pro Electronics, Addison, TX, has announced LSI/CSI’s release of six new additions to its extensive line of Standard ICs. Designated LS7190 – 194, the new devices are versions of a three-terminal digital potentiometer to replace mechanical potentiometers. Clocks drive an internal 6-bit up/down counter with a count ranging between 0 and 63 to correspond to 64 wiper-tap positions of a resistor chain consisting of 64 equal resistors.

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