3D Laser Scanners for Inline Quality Inspection

scanCONTROL 3D scanners from Micro-Epsilon America, Raleigh, NC, are used for precise inline 3D measurements in numerous applications. Scans are performed by moving the scanner or the target. Due to their low weight, the scanners are ideally suited both for robotic applications and inline production monitoring. They are characterized by high dynamics, absolute precision, and their compact size. The scanCONTROL 3000 and the new scanCONTROL 3002 series provide a comprehensive portfolio with numerous measurement areas, red and blue laser technologies, and are based on the latest GigE Vision and GenICam standards.

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Silicon Diode Thermometry

The DT-670 Series silicon diodes from Lake Shore Cryotronics, Westerville, OH, offer high accuracy over an extremely wide temperature range. DT-670 sensors in the SD package are available in four tolerance bands — three for general cryogenic use across the 1.4 K to 500 K temperature range, and one that offers superior accuracy for applications from 30 K to room temperature. The small size and fast thermal response of the bare die sensor, the DT-670E-BR, are an important advantage for applications where size and thermal response time are critical, including focal plane arrays and high temperature superconducting filters for cellular communication.

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Portable Flow Meter

AW-Lake, Oak Creek, WI, offers a new Portable Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter in addition to the full-sized clamp-on version that provides non-contacting flow measurement for challenging industrial environments with minimal installation complexity and costs. The hand-held unit is encased in a rugged IP67 housing and works with the same three interchangeable transducers as the full-sized meter, which makes it suitable for measurements on a wide range of metal and plastic pipe materials on pipes from ½" to 48" in diameter. In addition to 4-20mA/0-5V analog outputs, optional Modbus RTU and HART communications provide instantaneous flow rate, volume, total, run hours, and diagnostic information.

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Current Sensor Simulator

The new Current Sensor Simulator from Melexis, Tessenderlo, Belgium, simplifies the design and implementation of current-sensing solutions using the company’s proprietary IMC-Hall ® technology. This interactive tool significantly accelerates the design process, enabling engineers with limited magnetic sensing experience to benefit from such technology. By filling in parameters on the web interface, users can describe their specific design requirements. Based on these, it then recommends the appropriate part number, as well as the relevant ferromagnetic concentrator (shield).

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Sensata Technologies, Swindon, UK, announced it has developed a new Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for vehicle OEMs to help improve vehicle safety and performance. It leverages its field proven tire pressure monitoring sensors by replacing the ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio with BLE radio to enable two-way communication. These new BLE TPMS solutions are available in both clamp-in and snap-in configurations, are optimized for long battery life, and deliver the same pressure, temperature, and auto-location capabilities as Sensata’s existing UHF TPMS solutions.

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Wireless Gap Measurement Probe

The Accumeasure Wireless Gap Measurement Probe System from MTI Instruments, Albany, NY, consists of up to four, battery-powered, wireless capacitance probes paired via Bluetooth to their receiving device. The wireless capability and compact form factor of the battery-powered probes are designed specifically to measure gaps in difficult-to-reach or inaccessible locations. The probes transmit displacement (gap) readings ranging from 0.1 to 2.0 mm in real time from fixtures to the rotating machine surface. Measurements are optimized for machines with a surface velocity of 6,000 SFM.

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2.4 GHz Embedded Wireless Mesh Modules

Fujitsu Components America, Sunnyvale, CA, has launched the FWM7BLZ22x series of Wirepas Mesh 2.4 GHz embedded wireless modules to meet the increasing need for flexible mesh network designs. The embedded Mesh 2.4 GHz stack has low power consumption from a voltage range of 1.7 to 3.6V. The architecture can accommodate changes to data transmission routes locally in the network environment, such as device failures and increases or decreases in the number of devices. It also allows for easy deployment of small or large-scale decentralized systems and supports wireless remote firmware upgradeability (OTAP).

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Object Detection and Tracking Software

Teledyne FLIR, Goleta, CA, has announced the release of Prism AI, a software framework that provides classification, object detection, and object tracking, enabling perception engineers to quickly start integrating thermal cameras for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle (AV) systems. Built for automotive perception system developers, Prism includes features such as visible-and-thermal image fusion and advanced thermal image processing capabilities that provide superior pedestrian and animal detection in challenging lighting conditions.

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