Researchers have developed a Locking Side Pull Hoist Ring that presents a significant improvement on commonly used lifting hardware by eliminating the need for an operator to manually hold a workpiece in position and for additional custom rotation-locking fixtures. This new hoist ring is easily integrated into existing rigging configurations and is specifically designed for applications where the lift point must be mounted to the side of a workpiece that needs to be re-oriented and then locked into position while suspended.

The Locking Side Pull Hoist Ring can lift, rotate, and lock a suspended workpiece at any angle. (Image: Sandia National Laboratories)

The tool provides added flexibility and safety when handling suspended workpieces. If two units are mounted on opposite sides of a workpiece, it can freely swivel and rotate around the axis while suspended. Additionally, there is an option to lock the workpiece rotation, fixing it at any angle from 0 to 360 degrees. A quick-release pin passes through the side pull body and into the workpiece to lock its rotation. It can also be adapted to use other mechanisms for locking the workpiece rotation such as a friction lock, captive fasteners, and mechanical stops.

The tool is scalable to various sizes and load ratings and requires minimal maintenance. It can be used in manufacturing, rigging, lifting, and material handling applications.

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