Tech Talks: Sensors/Data Acquisition

How to Collect Human-Centric Data to Train In-Cabin Technologies


Collected, human-centric data is essential to the success of Tier 1s and OEMs that must meet NCAP and Federal regulations for ADAS. These companies must navigate the complexities of collecting demographically diverse data — all with a need to do so at scale while accelerating time to market for OMS and DMS technologies. Through this 20-minute Tech Talk, attendees will learn how to navigate the logistics of collecting real-world, human data.

Topics include:

  • Managing nuanced collections involving infants, families, including close family resemblances, clothing and props, accessories within the car, global collections with varying sensor recording protocols, work packages operating in parallel, and more
  • Collecting the widest range of demographically diverse data for the greatest number of ADAS technologies and sensors

Viewers will also be able to submit questions for the speakers.


Jukka Korpi, Senior Manager, Business Development, Europe, Appen

As Appen’s Senior Manager of Business Development in Europe, Jukka Korpi works to help the company’s European customers and partners build intelligent services and solutions based on high-quality data, as well as develops European sales and new partnerships and services. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Laurea University of Applied Sciences.

Benn Harrison, Project Manager, Appen

Benn Harrison serves as a Project Manager for Appen, where he helps customers with high-quality data collection and annotation for training machine learning models at scale. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Exeter.


Amanda Hosey, Editor, SAE Media Group

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