HVAC Harsh Environment Connector Solutions

HVAC systems are exposed to harsh environments ranging from extreme heat to frigid temperatures — both inside and outside the system. Protect your HVAC system against dust, debris, extreme weather, thermal shock, high vibration, condensation, humidity, and corrosion. TEs top-of-the-line sealed connector solutions offering IP-rated protection in the harshest environments.


It’s Alive! — and Must Stay so to Work

Researchers have been incorporating care-based interactions to change the user’s attitude toward an interactive device. The team investigated by engineering a smartwatch that includes a slime mold that physically conducts power to a heart-rate sensor. A study was conducted during which participants wore the smartwatch for 9-14 days. Watch to see what happened.


3D Printing Patient-Specific Heart Replicas

MIT engineers have developed a method of 3D printing a soft, flexible, controllable replica of a patient’s heart that can mimic its opposite’s blood-pumping ability. The goal is to be able to tailor treatments to a patient’s specific heart form and function to hone in on the best implant for an individual.


The Michael Phelps of Robots

North Carolina State University researchers recently developed a butterfly-stroking soft robotic swimmer that can reach speeds of 3.74 body length per second — nearly five times faster than its contemporaries. Weighing in at just 2.8 grams, the robotic swimmer with a soft body and a pair of bistable flapping wings boasts a high-power efficiency with low cost of energy.