VersaBlade Wire-to-Wire Connector System

Reduce end-product failures from improper mating with VersaBlade wire-to-wire connectors from Molex. The connectors offer color-coded housings and terminals with a dimple to help ease mating orientation identification, and terminal position assurance (TPA) to ensure terminals are fully locked in the correct position. VersaBlade connector system offers superior mating reliability and easy assembly for home appliances and HVAC applications.

Smart Phones. Smart Homes. Now Smart Cooking?

Cooking devices that incorporate 3D printers, lasers, or other software-driven processes may soon replace conventional cooking appliances. Watch this video to see how University of Columbia engineers are working to implement such technology and hear them explain the pros and cons of 3D-printed food technology, how 3D-printed food compares to traditional food, and the future landscape of our kitchens.

A Supersonic Water Table for Rapid Turbine Prototyping

Testing new designs for jet engine turbines is no walk in the park, but Purdue University researchers have come up with a solution: A water table that simulates supersonic flow. Watch this video to see how the team creates 2D representations of an airfoil, puts them in the water, instantly sees the results, and then uses that analysis to refine the airfoil design.

Graphene Improves Flexible and Wearable Electronics

At 200 times stronger than steel, graphene has been hailed as a super material of the future since its discovery in 2004. The ultrathin carbon material is an incredibly strong electrical and thermal conductor. Caltech researchers have demonstrated that graphene can greatly improve electrical circuits required for wearable and flexible electronics.