The Battery Sleuth: An Extra Defense Against Keyless Car Theft

The rising amount of technology in our vehicles makes them increasingly vulnerable to hacking or theft. Battery Sleuth bypasses both the wireless communication that key fobs depend on and the standardized onboard communication network in today’s vehicles. Instead, it authenticates drivers by measuring voltage fluctuations in a vehicle’s electrical system. Drivers interact with it through a keypad device plugged into the auxiliary power outlet. Learn more in this video.

“The idea of measuring fluctuations in a car’s electrical system seems simple, but designing one device that can do it accurately on thousands of different vehicle models in varying environmental conditions gets quite complicated,” said Liang He , assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Colorado, Denver and a researcher on the project. “We’re working to design a system that’s smart enough to measure the parameters of the vehicle it’s installed on and then customize itself to work effectively on that vehicle.”