A Series Heavy Duty, High-Performance Connectors

Amphenol Sine’s A Series family of sealed heavy-duty, multipin plastic and metal connectors includes a wide range of products serving many industries. The connectors are a high-performance, cost-effective solution for use with heavy equipment, agricultural, automotive, military, alternate energy, and other demanding interconnect architectures. The connectors bridge the gap between controlled and harsh environmental conditions to keep you connected.


Hall Thrusters Could Be Key to Mars Exploration

With NASA’s renewed interest in returning to Mars, the need for advanced technologies has increased. Now, a team at the University of Michigan has discovered that Hall thrusters can generate more thrust at smaller sizes – making them a viable option to explore the Martian planet. Learn more about the challenges and benefits of Hall thrusters with this video.


NASA’s Parker Solar Probe Gets (Relatively) Close to the Sun

Watch this video to learn about NASA’s Parker Solar Probe, which just completed its 16th science orbit. The journey included a June 22 close approach to the sun that brought it within just 5.3 million miles of the solar surface as it traveled at 364,610 miles per hour. Hear the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory mission team talk about the maneuvers that have kept Parker on track.


RoboSAR: Multi-Robot Search and Rescue

RoboSAR – an autonomous search and rescue of victims in an indoor environment using a multi-robot team – works in tandem with human first responders and includes a graphic user interface. This project aims to deploy a fleet of robots to perform the search aspect of search and rescue while meeting timesensitive criteria, mapping, and report locations of the victims to the first responders.