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White Paper: Automotive

How E-pumps Help You Improve Pump System Efficiency


The Grundfos E-pumps white paper outlines how its innovative E-pumps offer significant advantages to the automotive industry, contributing to its sustainability agenda. Unlike other component suppliers, Grundfos uniquely develops, designs, and manufactures energy-efficient pumps, motors, and drives, integrating them into a compact solution – the E-pump. These pumps are tailored for applications in industrial processes, buildings, and water supply.

These E-pumps, combined with Grundfos’ iSOLUTIONS digital cloud connectivity, present a substantial opportunity for energy and carbon savings. The paper highlights various case studies showcasing the E-pumps’ impact. For instance, a whiskey distillery upgraded to E-pumps, leading to 40% energy savings and 6% reduction in boiler gas usage. Additionally, the European Union’s move toward pump system efficiency legislation further underscores the importance of such technological advancements.

The integration of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and intelligent controls in E-pumps allows automatic adjustments to flow and pressure, minimizing energy wastage. This level of efficiency is vital for the automotive industry's sustainability goals. Grundfos E-pumps, rated at IE5 efficiency (Ultra-Premium Efficiency), surpass industry standards, showcasing their commitment to environmental responsibility.

By incorporating Grundfos E-pumps and iSOLUTIONS, automotive facilities can optimize processes, reduce consumption, lower emissions, and ultimately enhance operational value. The white paper demonstrates how these solutions align with the industry's drive towards sustainability and energy efficiency, positioning Grundfos as a key partner for automotive manufacturers aiming to make significant strides in their sustainability initiatives.

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