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White Paper: Software

How Plant Operators Can Use AI To Eliminate Unplanned Down Time


Avoiding unplanned downtime is one of the most important tasks facing the plant operator. If critical production equipment such as cooling pumps or CIP systems suddenly stops working, production must be stopped for investigation, disassembly, repairs, refurbishment, or cleaning. In order to stay within budget, optimize operating costs, and reach production goals, unplanned downtime must be eliminated by ensuring optimum machine health.

This whitepaper explains how advanced monitoring solutions can predict issues in critical production equipment before they occur, helping plant operators avoid unplanned downtime through an efficient, customized, data-based predictive maintenance strategy.

Industry intelligence indicates that such solutions can increase uptime by 45%, reduce breakdowns by 75%, lower maintenance costs by 30%, and reduce energy consumption by 20%, helping plant operators optimize efficiency and reach their production goals. In addition to monetary savings and efficiency gains, plant operators can achieve safety and environmental benefits by utilizing Grundfos Machine Health.

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