The Gripen E, pictured here with IRIS-T and Meteor missiles, is the latest variant of the Gripen fighter jet developed by Swedish aerospace manufacturer Saab. (Image: Saab)

The Gripen E is the latest variant of Saab's fighter jet that first achieved certification for military use and entry into service in December 2022. The Swedish aerospace manufacturer recently awarded a new design and development contract for a 24-volt Li-ion battery to be developed by EaglePicher, a St. Louis, MO-based supplier of mission critical systems.

Frank Puglia, EaglePicher's Director of Research and Development is the guest on this episode of Here's an Idea to explain some of the unique "first of its kind" aspects of the new battery being developed for the Gripen E, including its ability to power up the jet in temperatures as low as -60 °C.

Puglia also provides some perspective on current and future trends surrounding electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

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