The F-16 fighter jet, pictured here, is one of the current aircraft on which DoD maintenance staff is using Spark Cognition Government Systems’ AI-enabled Digital Maintenance Advisor tool. (Image: ALEKSTOCK.COM/Adobe Stock)

On November 2, the Department of Defense (DoD) published its 2023 Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Adoption Strategy , outlining how the agency will acquire and deploy AI-enabled systems in the future.

David Mazar, Vice President of Strategy and Growth, Spark Cognition Government Systems, is the guest on this episode of Here’s an Idea. Ahead of his participation as a panelist and speaker at the 2023 Dubai Air Show, he explains how his company’s AI-enabled digital maintenance tool is changing the way military aircraft are serviced. Mazar also provides some thoughts on how the new DoD AI strategy will help accelerate the deployment of AI-enabled aerospace and defense systems in the future.

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