Torque Transmission Standout

NB Ball Splines have no backlash because precisely ground (not drawn) raceways conform to the shape of the ball in the nut and shaft so opposing raceways have the same angles of contact. The spline shaft is straighter than the competitions’ – eliminating rotational vibration. They have recirculating steel balls on the side of the outer race that are designed for high speed rotation and to eliminate backlash. Designed for applications that may require both linear motion and superior torque transmission - from robotics to transport equipment. The large surface area of ball contact with grooved shaft results in high load capacity. Perfect for high-speed motion and high-speed rotation. NB Ball Splines are endlessly adaptable to high load linear motions. 16 standard and customizable shaft sizes with diameters from 4mm to 100mm. 7 different nut (the outer cylinder that retains the ball elements) styles. The various material options include Martensite stainless.