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The wide availability and proliferation of advanced inexpensive small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has enabled a wide variety of beneficial new commercial and civilian use cases such as medical delivery to remote areas, border surveillance, and even commercial aircraft maintenance, among others. However, as shown in several high-profile incidents over the last year where airport operations were completely shut down or the temporary suspension of a high-profile NFL playoff game in January, illegally operated drones are a new reality that must be addressed in civilian airspace.

Jeffrey Starr, Chief Marketing Officer, D-Fend Solutions, is the guest on this episode of the Aerospace & Defense Technology podcast. Check out D-Fend’s drone incident tracker to see a real-time collection of illegal, nefarious, and careless operation of drones at airports, prisons, borders, and even neighborhoods around the world. During the podcast, he explains how D-Fend's RF Cyber Takeover technology works, where it's being operated today, and how the threat of illegally operated drones is growing at airports, sports stadiums, prisons, and elsewhere.

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