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How Artificial Intelligence Is Empowering Warehouse Automation


The warehouse industry is changing. Labor shortages are driving AMR adoption in warehouse and logistics environments, and artificial intelligence (AI) empowers warehouse automation. AI-powered algorithms optimize order-picking routes, considering factors such as product characteristics, picking frequency, and real-time order priorities. By intelligently sequencing orders and optimizing travel paths, warehouses can improve order accuracy, increase throughput, and reduce labor costs. AI allows AMRs to make decisions autonomously but without sacrificing safety. In this 60-minute Webinar from the editors of Tech Briefs, attendees will learn how companies can achieve significant productivity improvements by harnessing AI for warehouse management.

Topics include:

  • How AI is driving modern warehouse success
  • Tangible benefits of AI today
  • Vital strategies for harnessing AI to enhance productivity and accuracy
  • Warehouse robotics and embodied AI
  • Real-world applications of AI that have transformed inventory management
  • The outlook for AI in warehouse automation

An audience Q&A session will follow the technical presentation.


Gina Chung, Vice President Corporate Development, Locus Robotics

As Vice President of Corporate Development at Locus Robotics, Gina Chung is responsible for shaping the company’s end-to-end automation strategy and driving growth through strategic partnerships and initiatives. She leverages over a decade of global experience in the logistics sector, applying her unique blend of innovation, business, and operations skills to advance Locus’s vision. Prior to her current role, Gina was Vice President of Innovation at DHL where she launched their most advanced Innovation Center. In this capacity, she worked closely with DHL’s top 100 customers and startups to evaluate and implement a broad range of automation technologies in post, parcel, forwarding, and 3PL operations. Her leadership also extended to DHL’s global research endeavors, where she directed the industry-acclaimed Logistics Trend Radar series.

Lourenço Castro, Manager – Data and Machine Learning, MiR

Lourenço Castro is the Manager for Data and Machine Learning at MiR, where he currently focuses on cloud-based solutions for scaling mobile robot operations. During his six years at MiR, he has contributed to several products, from computer vision technologies that boost the efficiency of AMRs to large language model interfaces that empower robot operators and automation managers. Lourenço leads a team spread across multiple time zones and prioritizes nurturing independence and personal growth. Prior to MiR, he worked for the Fraunhofer Institute on research projects ranging from indoor positioning solutions to brain computer interfaces. Lourenço holds a master’s degree in biomedical and holds patents in indoor positioning and robotic movement.


Amanda Hosey, Editor, SAE Media Group

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