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Applying Model-Based Design to SDV Development: A Practical Example


The shift towards software-defined vehicles (SDVs) is driving a significant change in how we design, build, and validate software. This change means we need to carefully balance software integrity, safety, and security with the push for continuous innovation. Model-Based Design (MBD) stands as a key strategy to navigate these software challenges, now enhanced to better align with DevOps methodologies. MBD streamlines a cohesive workflow, encompassing design validation, software architecture planning, component design, and software integration testing. This approach has been updated to leverage the power of cloud computing technologies, significantly enhancing efficiency and scalability.

This 30-minute Webinar will explain how MBD can be integrated with DevOps and cloud technologies to enable continuous, scalable software releases and meet the evolving needs of modern automotive engineering. It will showcase the latest advancements in Model-Based Design that support critical aspects of SDV development including:

  • Design validation in simulation: Utilize physics-based virtual vehicle simulation for in-depth system analysis with scalable cloud simulations.
  • Generating optimized code for your platform: Generate C and C++ code that is optimized for mixed criticality architectures like AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive, ensuring performance and adherence to functional safety standards.
  • Automating verification and validation (VnV): Implement CI/CD for automated VnV processes with traceability from requirements to model to test cases and code, accelerating time to deployment.
  • Software integration and validation: Extend testing using virtual ECU technologies from third parties and their integration with Simulink for comprehensive validation beyond the application layer with cloud support for enhanced scalability.
  • Harnessing insights from deployed products: Employ digital twins to analyze collected fleet data, informing future enhancements and updates, facilitated by cloud analytics.


Sameer Kariappa Muckatira, Senior Automotive Application Engineer, MathWorks

Sameer Kariappa Muckatira is a Senior Automotive Application Engineer at MathWorks where he has worked since 2019. In this role, he supports automotive engineers in the adoption of the Simulink platform and model-based design. Currently, his focus is on the practical use of cloud technologies for automotive development, with an emphasis on deploying Simulink in the cloud, linking simulation studies with big data, and scaling up testing and code generation through continuous integration. Sameer previously worked for Cummins Diesel Engines as a Control-Systems Lead and holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois.


Amanda Hosey, Editor, SAE Media Group

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