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White Paper: Robotics, Automation & Control

Implementing Automated Pick-and-Place for Thermal Gap Filler Pads


The ever-growing miniaturization of electronic components pushes the boundaries of automated assembly. While pick-and-place technology reigns supreme for most components, one area remains stubbornly manual: thermal gap filler pads. These pre-cut, non-viscous thermal interface materials, unlike dispensables, require precise handling akin to component placement. Despite their crucial role in heat dissipation, application often occurs manually, demanding meticulous peeling and placement. Enter automation. The promise of streamlined production and unlocked potential of thermal gap fillers beckons. Imagine robots seamlessly integrating these pads into the assembly process, replacing manual grace with automated precision. By addressing the challenges and leveraging the benefits of automation, we can unlock the full potential of thermal gap filler pads—not only streamlining production, but also opening doors for advancements in thermal management. This whitepaper explores what makes gap filler pads a challenge for pick-and-place manufacturing processes and how to address specific handling challenges of gap filler pads.

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