Electric light assembly demo at the Festo booth features a Cartesian handling system, left, for gluing and a pick-and-place handling system, right. The new ELGD axes are the centerpieces of this demo. (Image: Festo)

Festo (Islandia, NY) introduced its newest generation of Cartesian-handling-system mechanical axes at Automate 2024. The ELGD-TB, tooth belt, and ELGD-BS, ball screw, axes feature an innovative design for high-load bearing and compact size. These axes are manufactured on two new global-scale manufacturing lines to ensure competitive price, performance, and availability.

At its Automate booth, Festo is demonstrating an integrated dispensing, gluing, and picking-and-placing electric light assembly cell. The cell simulates an actual application and features ELGD-based handling systems. The demonstration showcases the application’s precision and versatility in performing three assembly functions, all in a compact footprint.

Festo’s start-to-finish control of every aspect of the ELGD series design and manufacture ensures world-class quality, a robust and reliable supply chain for assured availability, and industry leading price/performance. ELGD axes deliver exceptional load bearing capacity and torsional rigidity, long service life, and increased reliability in multiple industrial handling situations, from harsh to hygienic environments.

A cantilevered handling system utilizing the new Festo ELGD axes. (Image: Festo)

Suited to most electromechanical handling tasks, the ELGD series brings specific benefits to applications, such a cantilever systems and pick-and-place solutions for small parts handling, where short cycle times, high precision, and repeatability are key; handling systems for top loaders, which benefit from the ELGD’s attractive price/performance ratio, high travel speed, and long stroke lengths; and automation of 3D printing, additive manufacturing, dosing, gluing, and picking and placing are enhanced with the ELGD’s dynamic, virtually vibration-free movement.

Festo inlaid the bearings into the aluminum extrusion and extended bearings to the full width of the axis. This design enhancement enables high loads in a compact footprint. Machine builders can pack even more powerful tooth belt or ball screw axes in smaller footprint systems to achieve excellent feed forces and acceleration profiles. The integrated bearing design also enabled Festo to develop the lower profile ELGD-WD (wide actuator) for reduced force applications. This low-profile ELGD is 30% lighter than larger units while its rigidity and guide load capacity are similar.

The ELGD features a stainless-steel cover strip, which minimizes particle emissions in cleanroom applications and reduces ingress of particles in dirty environments. Festo enhanced particle emissions capability by including a pneumatic connection to provide sealing air (0.1 – 0.2 Bar) or a vacuum to the internal structure of the mechanics. Another innovation is the magnetic deflection of the cover strip, which eliminates mechanical wear and further reduces the likelihood of particle emissions.

The Festo Simplified Motion Series (SMS) electric axes are comparable to pneumatics in cost and ease of installation, yet deliver the advantages of electrics. SMS axes offer lower energy consumption than pneumatics and generate a wealth of data. SMS axes deliver two-position motion through onboard controls. Or through IO-Link, a standard SMS feature, these axes can be programmed for infinitely variable positioning for flexible pushing and sorting. Automate Booth #4050

For more information, visit www.festo.us .