Movito Electric Scooter

Tai Chiem Melbourne, Australia

Movito is a scooter based on an electric inwheel motor, a hubless front wheel, and a modular base system. It is designed for traveling short distances in and around the city.

One of the key technologies used to reduce harmful emissions is an in-wheel motor developed by Australia’s CSIRO. The design boasts 98% efficiency, and is lightweight with direct drive that eliminates drive train loss. It has a component weight of 6 kgs. The use of an inwheel motor has allowed for an overhaul of the scooter’s architecture, freeing up space and weight to allow for a more dynamic shape and form factor.

{ntbad}Powered by Li-ion batteries stored in the central body, it is charged via a charging mat. Another key technology is the use of a hubless front wheel, offering greater precision when riding. Based on technology developed by Osmos, the orbital wheel’s steering pin is designed around a second large bearing in the hollow section of the circular runner.

Movito features an integrated CPU and organic LED touchscreen, allowing the rider to customize the scooter to their personal preference, including connecting wirelessly to the Internet, accessing GPS, and an iPod dock. A modular base system allows multiple “bodies” to be attached to a common base. Alternate bodies can be attached to a single base, or two bases can be placed parallel with a larger body positioned on top, turning the scooter into a two-seat mini-car.

The drive-by-wire technology eliminates mechanical linkages between the steering; instead, it’s controlled by a tritium controller. Comprised of lightweight materials, the main body is composed of a carbon fiber reinforced composite. This material is carried down to the base, which is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic over a steel frame chassis, offering added strength and load-bearing capabilities.

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Honorable Mentions

Ellipse Sf-X Bicycle

Florin Sacuiu

Peoria, IL

The Ellipse® Sf-X is an all-terrain bicycle with a front section concept that separates the steering system from the damping system. The suspension system is interconnected with the bicycle frame structure, lowering the center of gravity during braking, and eliminating the ability for the bicycle to roll over. The rear wheel is loaded during the braking process, so overall braking performance is improved and the rider can stop the bicycle in a shorter distance. All of its components, except the frame and front and rear forks, are current production bicycle components.

Mountain Goat Aircraft

Bill Montagne

Montagne Aircraft LLC

Palmer, AK

The Mountain Goat aircraft features a wing that uses a modified NASA airfoil to enhance attached airflow, stall, and cruise speeds. The roll cage structure exceeds FAA standards for frontal and rollover crash protection. More cockpit room and seat belts for 300 mph reduce the possibility for injury. It also features load capability and an extremely wide center of gravity envelope. There is no center of gravity change from full fuel to empty, and flaps and flaperons are fully interchangeable. Wing assemblies and controls were designed for a six-seat aircraft so that both aircraft have interchangeable parts. Airflow reattaches after stall abruptly with little altitude loss. All wing controls and accessories are accessible during preflight inspection by lowering the flaps.