AFORMIC’s robots are implemented using process simulation to test and optimize their behavior in virtual environments. (Image: AFORMIC)

AFORMIC (Duncan, SC) is showcasing its latest cutting-edge autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for flexible manufacturing and warehousing during the Automate Show. The AFORMIC’s smart robotics solution enables real-time intralogistics management, by providing automation in material handling to reduce operational expenses and increase efficiency in manufacturing and warehouse processes. The solution includes an AI-powered integrated software management system called Qursor, as well as customized AFORMIC F-series AMRs.

“AFORMIC offers end-to-end solutions that include robotics, innovative technology, and software from a single source. Understanding the potential of Industry 4.0, we have designed a solution that not only automates the flow of materials within the company but also allows for changing the logic of the production process itself,” said Tim Meyer, Vice President of AFORMIC.

The company’s latest models of AFORMIC AMRs from the F series, including the AMR F12, are super-safe, low-profile AMRs designed for automating transportation operations within manufacturing plants. With a maximum payload of 800 kg and a speed of 1.5 m/s, the robot offers ergonomic and efficient handling of complex logistics processes.

“Aformic's unique business strategy aims to perfectly tailor the solution to the individual needs of each company. Customization applies to both the software system and the mobile robots from the AFORMIC AMRs family, as well as other devices and equipment that are part of the vehicle's setup,” said Meyer.

AFORMIC’s robots are implemented using process simulation to test and optimize their behavior in virtual environments. The robots move materials and products around a factory floor, adapting to changing production needs and minimizing human intervention.

“It's not just about automating point-to-point deliveries. For example, AFORMIC AMRs are implemented as product carriers and automate the flow of goods within the facility and warehouse. However, this type of AMR can also be an integral part of the production process, ensuring the transport of the manufactured product or interacting directly with automation and information systems. Such use of autonomous mobile robots allows for creation of flexible production scenarios, improving the manufacturing process and its handling”, explained an AFORMIC expert.

Thanks to AI and machine learning methods, these AMR vehicles can be autonomously managed, without operator supervision, by the Qursor Fleet Management System. This software solution ensures smooth communication with any production and warehouse management systems, as well as real-time process monitoring.

“We can indeed integrate our solution with the entire factory and warehouse environment, including MES/WMS systems, the traffic control system, access management to special zones, and many other processes,” added Meyer. Automate Booth #1019

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