WiBotic 1kW System (battery not included). (Image: WiBotic)

WiBotic (Seattle, WA) is demonstrating its new 1kW (1000 Watt) wireless charging system at the Automate Show. WiBotic’s new platform will provide a larger class of mobile robots with greater range, flexibility, and reliability than contact-based charging.

WiBotic’s new 1kW system uses resonant wireless charging, operating at higher frequencies than inductive charging to deliver power efficiently over longer distances.

The platform removes the need for robots to physically connect to a charger, eliminating safety risks from electrical shorts and fire risk from sparking across contacts. Because the wireless power components can also be fully sealed, the new 1kW system is well suited for difficult environments where dirt, dust, water, or corrosion can lead to failed charging cycles.

With 1kW charging, WiBotic brings the benefits of wireless charging to a new class of larger robots — including industrial electric vehicles and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) — operating in a wide array of industries from warehouse robotics to outdoor applications such as solar field inspection, agriculture, and mining. A variant of the WiBotic system is also being developed for use on the lunar surface under contract with Astrobotic and NASA.

Cypher Robotics, Inc., mobile robot in a warehouse – with integrated drone pad for aerial inventory inspections – docked to WiBotic’s “Edge” transmitter. (Image: Cypher Robotics)

The benefits of 1kW wireless charging are further enhanced when used in conjunction with the WiBotic Commander software package. With Commander, customers can easily monitor the charging status and battery health of entire fleets of robots in real time. Charging procedures can then be implemented proactively to vary charge current and voltage to dramatically increase battery lifespan.

“WiBotic’s new wireless 1kW charging platform enhances operations,” said Peter King, Vice President of Cypher Robotics, Inc. “We’ve successfully deployed WiBotic chargers for customers in a range of applications and in some difficult environmental conditions — but historically only in applications where overnight charging was possible. With the new 1kW system, robots will charge at three times the previous speed, opening up a whole new set of applications where fast and ultra-reliable charging is needed.”

“1kW wireless charging is the number one request we get from our customers, and we’ve been working to develop a new product that provides the same ease of use and reliability as our field-proven lower power systems.” said WiBotic CEO, Ben Waters. “The new system is interoperable with all existing WiBotic hardware and is fully programmable using our software, APIs and the Commander platform for larger fleets.” Automate Booth #4087

For more information, visit www.wibotic.com .