FulfillX optimizes picking and packing, while also streamlining putaway and other inventory processes. (Image: Kardex)

Intralogistics solutions provider Kardex (Zurich, Switzerland) demonstrated one of the fastest order fulfillment solution per square foot on the market at Automate 2024. Kardex FulfillX is a warehouse execution system (WES) purpose-built to allow new AutoStore systems to ramp up faster and is capable of meeting or exceeding business cases in as little as six months. It has been specifically created by experts at Kardex, a global AutoStore partner, to maximize the capabilities of AutoStore robotic cube storage systems for manufacturing customers.

FulfillX optimizes picking and packing, while also streamlining putaway and other inventory processes. It provides a real-time overview of the whole operation in a simple window. Enhancements can be rapidly deployed by Kardex’s dedicated AutoStore support team and digital twins enhance planning and commissioning.

As well as promoting the benefits of FulfillX, Kardex’s booth used digital tools and augmented reality to bring to life the Kardex Intuitive Picking Assistant and its range of smart intralogistics solutions. Kardex’s Intuitive Picking Assistant solution is suitable for a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications, including spare parts picking, visual direction, and kitting. It uses digital tools and augmented reality to enhance picking processes by responding to movements and projecting relevant picking information directly onto the surface of the access opening. The Intuitive Pick Assistant is compatible with both and AutoStore ports to facilitate accurate, ergonomic picking, and can be tailored to specific customer requirements. In addition, it can be used to direct operators through kitting processes.

As US manufacturers increasingly turn to warehouse automation technology, AutoStore empowered by Kardex FulfillX provides them with the opportunity to slash their facility footprint, reduce workload, manage spikes in demand, and address labor and skills shortages.

One company benefiting from AutoStore empowered by Kardex is Anyseals, a global wholesale sealing supplier. Anyseals provides their distribution customers with services including just in time delivery, bar coding, kitting, and custom labeling. The company was moving from a completely manual to an automated operation and implementing a new WMS at its main US facility in Ohio. They turned to Kardex for a space-efficient, flexible solution to increase efficiency in small parts handling and facilitate growth.

The Anyseals AutoStore system went live in October 2023 and Anyseals described working with Kardex as “a great experience” with employees happy with how the technology assists them with their work, 100 percent uptime at the facility and average picking time reduced from up to 15 minutes per pick to seconds, with substantial time saved on putaway as well. Rush orders are prioritized to ship on time and Anyseals is still learning what is possible with Kardex and AutoStore to enhance its processes further.

Commenting on Kardex’s appearance at Automate 2024, Mitch Hayes, President of Kardex Solutions AutoStore, said, “Automate offered the ideal opportunity to introduce US manufacturers to AutoStore empowered by Kardex FulfillX. FulfillX represents the next evolution of ASRS technology. At Kardex we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with intralogistics automation. Our advanced software solutions provide manufacturers with the flexible, convenient, and efficient capabilities they need to meet industry challenges now and in the future.”

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