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White Paper: Test & Measurement

Accessible, Affordable Industrial CT


The advent of industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning has revolutionized the way engineers examine, assess, and ensure the integrity of complex components and assemblies. Industrial CT has been in use for decades, but it has only ever been regarded as a specialized scientific instrument and not a frontline tool for engineers.

CT scanners are transformative tools that save both time and money while boosting productivity. These systems are comprised of physical hardware, including the scanner, and software for analyzing, visualizing, and potentially sharing scans.

In the industrial sector, CT has emerged as the gold standard for comprehensive part validation. However, up until now, the high upfront capital expenses exceeding $1 million and yearly operating costs as high as $250,000 have limited access to this vital technology for many companies.

Moreover, legacy systems typically require a dedicated operator, additional storage, and complex usage. They process and store data locally, leading to lengthy analysis times of months for a single scan.

Download this guide to learn more about how industrial CT can be an affordable, everyday option that can be beneficial at any stage of the product development lifecycle.

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