Tyco Electronics (Harrisburg, PA) has introduced a new line of AMPMODU horizontal and vertical receptacles for board-to-board applications in industrial and commercial electronics, aerospace, computers, communications, and other electronic devices.

The 0.100-centerline receptacles mate with unshrouded and breakaway style headers and are available in several varieties. The line includes single- and double- row arrangements to meet most motherboard/daughterboard applications. Horizontal receptacles include a Mod II, a thru-hole product with closed entry housings, and an SMT product, also with closed entry housings. The vertically configured Mod II is available with top entry, a Mod IV thru-hold product is available with dual entry (top and bottom), and the Mod IV surface-mount receptacles are available with the dual entry feature. With a dual-cantilever beam contact design, the single-contact current rating is up to 3.0 A. Fully energized connectors can carry up to 2 A. The mating cycle life for the receptacles is rated at up to 200 cycles. The housings are molded from hightemperature 94-V-0 thermoplastic and have phosphor bronze contacts. They are recognized by UL and certified by CSA. Horizontal and vertical receptacles are RoHS compliant.

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