A 40-watt GE Energy Smart® LED bulb from GE Lighting (Cleveland, OH) will be available later this year or early 2011. The new LED bulb is expected to consume only 9 watts, provide a 77 percent energy savings, and produce nearly the same light output as a 40-watt incandescent bulb - while lasting more than 25 times as long.

GE scientists and engineers designed the bulb to better direct light downward on the intended surface and all around, not just out the top of a lampshade, as most current LED bulbs are prone to do. The GE LED bulb offers 450 lumens — the Energy Star® threshold to be considered a 40-watt incandescent replacement. Currently available LED bulbs produce 350 lumens or less.

The GE Energy Smart® LED bulb has an expected 25,000-hour rated life — lasting 17 years on 4 hours per day. The durable solid-state design has no filament to break, and the bulb contains no mercury and will be RoHS compliant.

(GE Lighting)