The W-GV 5i Hybrid Genverter. (WhisperPower)
The 5 kW Genverter diesel generator/inverter from WhisperPower (Drachten, The Netherlands) has lower noise levels, fewer emissions, and reduced energy consumption compared to currently available energy systems. The diesel generator only runs when a certain amount of energy is required.

The rpm (revolutions per minute) increases when the energy demands are high, and the speed is reduced again when the demands are lower. Such Variable Speed Technology© is made possible by the use of Permanent Magnet generator technology, which also makes the system more compact and increases its efficiency.

The Genverter W-GV 5i model is identical in size to the W-GV 5 Basic Genverter but is also equipped with an integrated sine wave inverter/battery charger. The diesel generator switches off when the load is low, while the connected 230 V equipment continues to work (without interruption) using the 2 kW sine wave inverter (4 kW peak).

The inverter is connected to a lithium-ion battery, either as part of the Genverter or externally. The available voltages are 12, 24, or 48 VDC. When the battery approaches a specific discharge level, the diesel motor automatically switches on to take over the users and recharge the battery.