Papailias Incorporated (Northvale, NJ) has introduced a high intensity light engine to replace halogen technology. The Series HI-LED lamp is not a standard LED bulb, but a custom-designed lamp that features a more robust technology. HI-LED lamps are not affected by vibration, impact, heat, dust, or surface oils.

Since HI-LED lamps do not generate the excessive heat, which causes halogen lamps to burn out prematurely, they may be left on continuously without overheating the fixture housing. The HI-LED provides a bright white light and emits as much or more light intensity (candle power and lumens) as a 100 watt halogen bulb. HI-LED technology offers 40,000 - 45,000 hour lamp life for continuous duty (almost 5 years) versus 1,000 - 2,000 lamp life for halogen. Series HI-LED lighting is available for both non-hazardous and explosion-proof lighting fixtures.