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Unique genetic markers called oligonucleotides can provide swift identification of a known organism or rule out an organism from known genomes. This software technology provides a way to generate thousands of such markers and provides a searchable database of chromosomal sequences for over 100 pathogens and near-neighbor organisms, unique plasmid sequences, and markers for virulence and antibioticresistant genes in a platform-independent format. Using the technology, the existing database can be extended to any DNA-based organisms. With as few as 20 DNA fragments, the system can achieve a 99% confidence of no false negatives against a library of samples.

For identifying an organism, the technology looks at entire DNA genomes, recursively “cutting” the DNA into smaller pieces and examining them again until either a match is made against the DNA library (thus identifying the organism) or until no match is made (thus ruling the organism out of the DNA library).

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