Macrospray® nozzles produce highly uniform spray patterns and droplet sizes (in the size range of 10-30μm Sauter Mean Diameter/SMD). The nozzles are created from digital tools with the flow features chemically etched into bonded substrates, resulting in a monolithic structure. Hydraulically smooth internal surfaces reduce flow losses. Nozzle passages, metering slots, spin chambers, and exit orifices are designed to minimize pressure drops.

Nozzle material options include stainless steel, aluminum, and Inconel. Chemically resistant layers can be added to the outside of nozzles, and multiple spray points can be engineered into a single head, or array of heads, to provide custom patterns and tailored mass flux. Internal manifolds can also be engineered into the nozzle; the combination of liquids and gases simplifies manifolds and piping.

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