Saelig Company, Inc. (Fairport, NY) has introduced the TG1006 - a DDS-based 1mHz to 10MHz function generator that, unlike other digital generators, can be operated over any frequency range using analog control in addition to numeric or spin-wheel frequency entry. The quasi-analog frequency control can rapidly sweep the frequency between preset limits, which is difficult to do with most digital function generators.

The TG1006 Function Generator can produce waveforms between 0.001Hz and 10MHz with a resolution of six digits, and with a one-year stability of better than 10ppm. Up to ten frequencies can also be stored in memory for preset test procedures. The output amplitude is variable between 5mV and 20V pk-pk from a source impedance of 50 ohms or 600 ohms. The LCD display shows frequency and amplitude or offset simultaneously. For accurate frequency selection, precise frequencies can be entered directly from the numeric keypad in Hz, kHz or MHz.

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