On-Demand Webinars: Transportation

Material Choices to Deliver Enhanced Reliability, Performance, and Differentiation


Control in transportation is changing on multiple fronts. Advances in vehicle safety systems are transferring operating responsibility from the human driver to the machine. We also can see changes to the electronic hardware and overall vehicle architecture—including a move from electronic control units to domain control units—precipitated by the volume of electronics required to create unique autonomous vehicles.

The competitive nature of today’s automotive market necessitates differentiation to remain relevant. With the increased number of new entrants and changes to the powertrain, car makers are finding ways to separate themselves from the competition, primarily through enhanced electronics. Car makers are now focusing more on system design and integration. In many instances, they are opening the black box and learning the hardware required for success. In this 30-minute Webinar, attendees will learn critical factors for automotive engineers involved in that learning process.

Topics includes:

  • Ways to enhance reliability and extend system life
  • How taking control of material choices delivers better performance, and differentiation
  • A look at joining materials for printed circuit board and semiconductor assembly

A Q&A session will follow the technical presentation.


Lenora Clark, Director of Autonomous Driving and Safety Technology, ESI Automotive/MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

Lenora Clark has more than 20 years of experience in the electronics industry and serves as the Director of Autonomous Driving and Safety Technology for ESI Automotive/MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions. She researches industry challenges within advanced safety and strives to unify the automotive supply chain to achieve faster, more reliable solutions. Lenora works in all aspects of electronics, creating a systems-level approach.


Amanda Hosey, Editor, SAE Media Group

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