CEL (Santa Clara, CA) has announced the field trial release of its new MeshWorks™ wireless software suite. This new platform unites several tools to help create and simplify a complete mesh network design as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

MeshWorks provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) equipped with a patented script generating tool to help create complete and functional scripts that can be loaded directly onto end devices. The MeshWorks platform quickly and easily establishes a mesh network for connecting multiple sensors to the cloud. Cloud access is courtesy of Exocite, a cloud service provider, and is included in the CEL Development Kit as a reference design. MeshWorks can also run a Real-Time Locating Service (RTLS) technology from Buzby Works as a supplement on top of the MeshWorks code to enable location tracking. MeshWorks is designed to work with virtually any type of sensor in any application that requires M2M (Machine to Machine) communications.

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