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Products of Tomorrow: November 2015
2015 Create the Future Design Contest
2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Grand Prize Winner
2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Aerospace & Defense Category Winner
2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Automotive & Transportation Category Winner
2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Electronics Category Winner
2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Machinery/Automation/Robotics Category Winner
2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Consumer Products Category Winner
2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Medical Category Winner
2015 Create the Future Design Contest: Sustainable Technologies Category Winner
Thermally Conductive Adhesives Bring Specialized Solutions to Complex Design Challenges
LED Lighting Enables Better Sleep and Wake Cycles
Imaging Sensor Eliminates Extraneous Light
Authentication by Heart: Radar's New Role in Biometrics
Finding the Right Custom Magnetic Sensor For Your Application

Who's Who

Al Bowers, Chief Scientist, Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA

Products of the Month

Product of the Month: November 2015
Ice Sensors
Automotive Sensors
Vehicle Attitude Sensors
Touch Sensors
Ceramic Sensor Elements
IoT Platform
Magnetic Reed Sensors
Detection Sensors
Photoelectric Sensors
Voltage Sensors
Motion Sensors

Application Briefs

Computers Record and Maintain Video and Data on Space Station
Steel Chassis Lets Space Vehicles Traverse Grueling Terrain
Highway Sensor Deployment Gives Valuable Data to ‘Connected’ Drivers
Tech Briefs

Information Sciences

Discovery Through Eigenbasis Modeling of Uninteresting Data
Obstacle Avoidance Methods
Bar Code Scanner to Supplement Property Inventory Process
Semantic Language and Tools for Reporting Human Factors Incidents
Control Software for Integrated CW Radar Module
Furuno Radar/SureTrak Interface Software
An Empirical Metric of Individual Datapoint Utility Given Ample Metadata as Applied to the OCO-2 Flight System
Gravitational Compensation Onboard a Comsat
Open Scheduling and Planning Interface for Exploration (Open SPIFe)
AMMOS-PDS Pipeline Service (APPS) — Label Design Tool (LDT)
Activity Model Problem Translator
Ontological System for Context Artifacts and Resources (OSCAR)
Retools: Restriping Tools for Lustre
Method and Program Code for Improving Machine Efficiency in the Computation of Nearly-Singular Integrals


Using Paraffin Phase Change Material to Make Optical Communication-Type Payloads Thermally Self-Sufficient for Operation in Orion Crew Module
Aerogel-Filled Foam Core Insulation for Cryogenic Propellant Storage
Multifunctional B/C Fiber Composites for Radiation Shielding
Smart MMOD Thermal Blanket
Using Black Polyimide/Kevlar as a Metering Structure Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI)

Machinery & Automation

Autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicle Flight Using Optical Flow and Inertial Cues
Universal Robotically Operated Leave-Behind Gripper
DshellCommon Simulation Framework
Neutrally Buoyant Tank Inspection and Cleaning Robot
Visualization and Introspection for Teleoperation of Robotic Systems
Robotic Exoskeleton (EXO)

Physical Sciences

An Alternative Molecular Sexing Method for the Florida Scrub-jay
Surface Water Ocean Topography (SWOT) Science Simulator
Digital Elevation Model Maker (DEMmaker)
Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS)
Images of Change for iPad
Characteristics of the Spliced Kennedy Space Center Doppler Radar Wind Profiler Database

Electronics & Computers

Fault Recovery for Multi-Phase Power Converters
Isolated Bidirectional DC Converters for Distributed Battery Energy Applications
Device Accommodating Volume Expansion and Contraction for Water-Ice Phase Change Material Heat Sinks
High-Power, Solid-State Power Amplifier System
H2O/NaCl-Based Radio Frequency Power Load

Sensors/Data Acquisition

Dynamic Weather Routes (DWR)
ATMS Antenna Beam Analysis Software
LabNotes Mobile App for Instrument Control and Data Collection
GRAVITE Incinerator
GRAVITE Distribution
GRAVITE Upload Tool
SMAP SDS Science Processing and Data Management System
Hyperlinked Overview of Piloted Evaluations (HOPE) Web- Based Data Archive
GRAVITE Database
Signal Processing for High-Temperature Health Monitoring of Condensed Water Height in Steam Pipes
Satellite Situation Update
Non-Intrusive, On-Line, Simultaneous Multi-Species Impurity Monitor for Hydrogen Gas
X1 Human Interface Detection System (HIDS)
Spacesuit Glove Cut/Damage Warning System
GRAVITE Pull Server


Shuttle Orbiter Entry Aero Reconstruction Tool
C++ Aerospace Vehicle Modeling Software
Autonomous Quadrotor Safety System
Spot and Runway Departure Advisor (SARDA)
Two-Phase Airborne Security Search
Blended Cutout Flap for Reduction of Jet-Flap Interaction Noise
Photonics Tech Briefs


How Quantum Dots and Ultra HD Are Changing the Way TV Displays Are Made


Using Radiation-Hardened Optoelectronic Devices


Optical Alignment of the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Spacecraft
Low-Excess-Noise, High-Gain Avalanche Photodiodes
A Novel Approach to Liquid-Level Sensing Using Fiber Bragg Grating Technology (CryoFOSS)
Radiation Design of Ion Mass Spectrometer for Europa
Algorithm for Determining Solar Aspect from Images Generated by the HEROES Mission
Semiconductor Quantum Cascade Lasers Fabricated Without Epitaxial Regrowth
Multi-Gb/s Fiberoptic Bus for Spacecraft
MEMS Glow Discharge Plasma Electron and Ion Source
Conformal Nanotube Baffle for a Compact Coronagraph
Fabrication of Ion Optics Using Additive Manufacturing
A 16-Beam, Non-Scanning, Swath-Mapping Laser Altimeter Instrument


Product of the Month: Multi-Functional Goniometer
Laser Power/Energy Meter
Ultrahigh-Speed Digital Cameras
Ultra-Stable Light Sources
Green Pulsed Lasers