SIVO-PyD gathers and automatically installs (in various computing platforms) a collection of Python-related packages for scientific computing and visualization. All of the packages in distribution are accessible within the Python framework. The distribution is self-contained and can be extended with minimal work.

The design philosophy for SIVO-PyD involves only using opensource Python-related packages with in-house installation standards being followed throughout the installation of all packages. This includes maintaining package integrity by not altering their source codes. New packages, or new versions of existing packages, can be added with minimal effort. The distribution is maintainable and kept in a version control repository. This system is extremely flexible for quickly meeting users’ needs.

The distribution has been automatically installed on NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) computing platforms, and at the time of this reporting, will soon be available on Mac computers.

This work was done by Arlindo Da Silva of Goddard Space Flight Center, and Jules Kouatchou and Amidu Oloso of SSAI. GSC-16530-1