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Optimizing the design of wind turbines is critical when they are subject to lightning strikes.

High-voltage or high-current testing involves the development of a test plan, the numerical modeling and actual testing, and the evaluation of the results. The technical documentation of the test results includes design guidelines for the customer’s product, final test reports, and the translation of requirements into application specific descriptions. Including very realistic visual representations of the product and recommendations created in SpaceClaim has made a big difference to Highvoltage. dk’s communications with its customers.

Figure 3. To investigate the magnetic field and determine the requirements for protection at a certain location in the nacelle, a Volume of Interest is added to the model. The volume could represent a control panel, in which protection might be crucial. The magnetic field is illustrated by an isosurface plot, where each color represents different values of the magnetic field.
“With SpaceClaim, we are able to create 3D drawings that clearly represent our recommendations and make it much more understandable to our customers. SpaceClaim has definitely improved the visual content of our work,” said Falkenstrøm Mieritz. Additionally, SpaceClaim has enabled engineers to take on small design projects to help customers optimize the design of a small part, as an example. Prior to using SpaceClaim, these new opportunities were cumbersome, as Falkenstrøm Mieritz did not have the right tool — he would have to ask the customer to draw the part. Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), is able to handle a broad range of complex tasks including modeling of lighting attachment points on large wind turbines, current distribution and electric potentials surrounding sacrificial anodes on offshore installations, and the design of high-voltage switchgear.

“Lightning protection of wind turbines has become mandatory and increasingly our customers look to to determine the necessary shielding of panels and cables and foresee current amplitudes in shielded cables and other components. SpaceClaim has changed our business for the better and enabled us to move more quickly and be more creative in our approach to optimizing electrical applications,” said Falkenstrøm Mieritz.

This work was done by Casper Falkenstrøm Mieritz, Consulting Engineer at, using SpaceClaim and COMSOL software. For more information, visit

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