DVB Master FD™ PCI video board
San Diego, CA

Image The International Space Station is implementing the Space Video Gateway (SVG) project to send high-definition television (HDTV) to the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, TX. HDTV produces sharper, clearer images when compared to standard video. This is especially suitable for space exploration, enabling objects to be seen better, even in dark environments.

Video transmitted from space, or “downlinked” by the SVG, will include images of outer space, footage of scientific experiments, communications with the crew, and real-time inspections of space station equipment.

To enable the transmission of live high-definition video streams, the SVG flight computer will use the DVB Master FD card to convert HD video to data for downlink by a process called “packetizing.” The flight computer will also use DVEO’s Streambed™ software to “depacketize” standard definition video signals that have incompatible hardware or interfaces. The packetized data will then be downlinked NASA-developed space communications Ethernet card.

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