In keeping with the need for a high level of safety, an IP67-rated housing was installed on each drive motor. This housing has an M12 connector with HARTING’s Han Q8/0 insert, which includes both power and control wiring contacts. If anyone should pull one of these connectors apart while the system is under power, this trips a safety input and powers down the system. Short contact pins are used in the connector for this control feature, which means the safety trip is executed before longer pins disconnect power to the drive motor, thereby preventing an arc flash and injury to personnel and equipment.

More than 600 Han-Power T connectors are being used on the custom cable assemblies being made in HARTING’s Elgin plant for the conveyor line. By adopting this connector, the system integrator has gained the advantage of design flexibility, with the further benefit of off-the-shelf hardware and the economical pricing that goes with it. The end customer benefits from wiring and connector designs that are highly reliable and easily serviced.

The end result is a conveyor design that’s entirely modular, making it the most economical solution. Instead of assembling major sections in the integrator’s shop, modular units are shipped to the engine plant that’s under construction. Since cables and connectors are clearly labeled, electrical assembly can take place even without construction drawings. The electricians involved with the installation have commented that the modular design also requires minimal use of tools. Occasionally, a screwdriver is required for some mechanical assembly, but otherwise the HARTING Han-Power T connectors make this a snap-together design.

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