HAWE Hydraulics, Charlotte, NC, offers proportional valves and controls typically used by companies manufacturing machine tools, lifting platforms, mobile cranes, construction machinery, forestry, material handling, shipbuilding, wind and solar power, offshore technology, and waste recyclers. All of HAWE’s pressurized components are made of steel, and are known for their compact design, resistance to high pressure, and reliability and durability.

Fewer callbacks and warranty issues are two of the benefits Conveyor Application Systems has reaped from using spool valves and bent-axis motors from HAWE Hydraulics.
One HAWE customer is Conveyor Application Systems (CAS), an Eugene, Ore., subsidiary of Rexius Corp. CAS provides complete mobile conveyor equipment for use in construction site preparation, utility trench bedding and backfill, erosion control, roadside applications, and numerous other grading and plac ing applications.

HAWE valves are an important part of CAS’s strategy. “We have been using HAWE’s Size 2, 3 and 5 PSL valves and bentaxis motors for a few years and they are now incorporated into our current builds. We started using HAWE after researching for a combination of versatility, reliability and value, to lead the market by offering the best equipment with the most innovative designs,” remarked CAS General Manager Brent Whitley. CAS initially installed HAWE valves on an ST truck mounted model, but has since incorporated them into its entire off-road equipment fleet.

The company reports fewer call backs and warranty issues since it began using HAWE valves. “HAWE’s valves are machined from a solid steel block, which gives good reliability and high pressure capabilities. We’ve found them to be an excellent value, and the modular capabilities of the valves means we can configure them the way we want. We are far more versatile now than we used to be. Also, we don’t have to buy what we don’t need. We are more in control of how we configure the valve bank.”

Whitley added, “CAS has built its reputation by leading the market. We do this by offering the best equipment and innovating new designs and systems, instead of following the pack. There are different philosophies on manufacturing and sales. One particular method is to be a low-cost provider and manufacture equipment that appeals to those customers looking for the lowest price. But in order to make equipment cheaper, we would have to cut corners and use cheaper components – all of which contribute to making an inferior product that ultimately ends up as the customers’ problem. We have chosen quality over cheap prices, reputation over short term profits and repeat sales over one truck wonders.”

HAWE’s PSL spool valves are available in three sizes, and can be tailored to specific applications that require unequal maximum consumer flows at ports A and B, as well as additional operations including functional cut-off. Every PSL spool valve achieves a working pressure of up to 6,000 psi, with a total consumer flow rate of 120 gpm.

Hydraulics is based on a simple principle; they can be used in a variety of different applications. In order to use all of these variations, HAWE offers an array of modular products. As a result, individual HAWE components supplement one another to form one complete product range, which can be combined to form solutions and systems. Unified components and the possibility of being able to combine them can increase efficiency at an ideal price-performance ratio.

The integrator for the application is Pacific Fluid Systems (PFS), a hydraulics systems integrator located in Portland, Ore. The company provides circuit design assistance, solid modeling and instrumentation of prototype machines.

PFS first used HAWE valves and controls in its mobile systems division. Some typical applications include gravel slingers, marine cranes, rock crushers, chip dozers, bow thrusters, and mining equipment. PFS Engineering Manager Chris Wyckoff says, “We use HAWE power units, proportional valves and pumps. Their overall quality cannot be beat, and their preciseness of control, compactness, pressure rating and cost make HAWE products the best fit for our applications. Individual components can be assembled into fully-integrated systems, providing flexibility to specify the most competitive, lightweight and cost-effective solution possible.”