Wyckoff said, “We found the HAWE products to be head and shoulders above the rest. HAWE is the only major manufacturer that uses steel exclusively for all pressurized parts. This means HAWE Hydraulics’ products are compact, durable, reliable and capable of withstanding pressures up to 700 bar.”

According to Wyckoff, HAWE’s modular design concept allows for easy design of customer solutions, adding to PFS’s ability to be flexible. “HAWE offers a total systems solution for all types of mobile lift equipment with compact valves that can be mounted in areas where most competitor valves won’t fit, and “zero-leak” technology that prevents boom circuits from drifting.”

Other functions that are typically line-mounted can be integrated into the HAWE valve, making installation quicker and troubleshooting easier, while also leading to fewer potential leak points.

This story was written by the technical staff at HAWE Hydraulics, Charlotte, NC. For more information, please contact Dani Cline at HAWE Hydraulics, at 704.927.5602, e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit http://info.hotims.com/22922-325.